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TC4 get tropical on ‘Play Samba’


Are TC4 the freshest producers in UK Bass music right now? We think so…

TC4’s ‘Play Samba’ has finally seen the light of day, after being released on Heka Trax. We’ve been dying for the full release ever since hearing it start to take shape over on the West Midlands based duo’s Instagram (@tc4wolves).

The track sees the pair continue their work merging everyone’s favourite elements from Latin and Afro-Caribbean music with the best bits of the UK’s underground scenes, following on from the spicy UK Funky roller ‘Zola‘ (in collaboration with Bassboy).

Thinking about making an ep of this samba shit, kate jamming on a new one 🌴🌴🍸

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‘Play Samba’ is 100% our favourite piece of music from TC4 so far, featuring rapid samba-esque guitars (played in by Kate herself, see the video above), soulful vocals and fresh brass, before dropping into a weighty, Funky-inspired beast with enough whistle to make you feel like you’re at Carnival.

Everything is immaculately produced, from the bossa nova percussion to the snippets of vocal used in the drum groove, and we can see this one getting played all summer, all over the world. Pure good vibes.

Stream TC4 – ‘Play Samba’ below, and buy it from Juno here or Itunes here.

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Vex Records bring the summer vibes with their latest release from Moony


Vex Records continue their UKG assault with a summer infused 3 track EP from Moony

Vex Records have been very consistent lately, both in terms of their release schedule and the quality of the music they’ve been putting out. Of course, the quality shouldn’t be a problem, with releases from the likes of Mind of a Dragon, Pavv and Joedan over the past 12 months.

Adding to their growing list of releases from new school UKG greats is their latest output; 3 injections of sunshine from Brighton’s Moony on the ‘3 Days’ EP.

The title track is all lush chords and sultry vocals, riffing against a sexy guitar sample, before the rumbling Reese in the build up on ‘Minutes Feel Like Days’, which eventually drops into shuffling drums smothered in dreamy chords, clever vocal cuts and some genuinely beautiful piano work. ‘Savage’ closes the release, and whilst it’s got a slightly rawer, rougher edge to it, it’s entirely in keeping with the rest of the EP; the catchy vocal is the highlight for us, working well as it fills the gaps left by crisp drums and the metallic bass.

The ‘3 Days’ EP is further evidence to us that Moony is one of the most original, capable producers in UKG, and shows his versatility after being released hot on the heels of his more club focused ‘Addiction EP‘, on Ghost House Records.

We’re looking forward to seeing what both Vex Records and Moony have coming next, as UKG seemingly grows stronger, week on week.

You can buy Moony – ‘3 Days’ EP, out now on Vex Records, here and stream the release below.

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Distro – Tectonic EP [877 Records] [Review]


It’s almost 2 years since SOBAD’s Distro was last seen on Brighton’s 877 Recordings, and it’s exciting to see 2 entirely uncompromising forces link up again on the ‘Tectonic’ EP.


The title track starts of in a sinister fashion with dread-filled chords and a filtering riff. As soon as the drums kick in, we instantly start feeling tribal; a feeling that is only helped by the pan flute-sounding main riff. Brass stabs add to the tension in the build up, as bass tones start to reveal themselves, before one of the tastiest pre-drop fills we’ve heard this year – massive reverse hits before a low cut break, accentuating just how heavy the sub on the drop is. The bass thumps away with the main kick drum, as the rest of the percussion finds space in the gaps. After a brief reprieve, Distro brings in a UK Funky section, working the bass harder, and using an alternative riff. Things smoothly wind down into a breadown before the second drop which is like the first drop on steroids, achieved by a new vocal sample and changing up the drum pattern slightly. Simple, but devastating. The UK Funky section then returns again before heading towards the outro. There’s a load of clever subtleties within Tectonic, from the reverbs and use of filtering, to the drum programming and balance between melodic and bass content. Our favourite however is the use of a vocal cut effectively as a hi hat, which upholds the human, tribal vibe to ‘Tectonic’. As far as EP openers go, this is epic.

Rap Money

The second track of the release really highlights Distro’s skills as a producer full stop. An incredibly convincing trap segment starts things off, which fully made us think something else entirely different to this EP had somehow started playing. The eery high pitched melodies sound sick against the weighty kicks, and Distro has got his hi hat triplets on lock. The vocal is simple but catchy and there is a twinge of UK Bass, as a high passed, metallic bass lurks in the background, before things suddenly switch into a more UK underground affair. The kicks quicken, and the trap snares become fills, losing their place to concise claps. The main drop consists of the metallic bass over the hefty sub, a helter skelter synth and vocal chops, with an incredibly satisfying ‘Ah’ sample. Seamlessly, we’re returned to the trap part, before everything runs through again. The drums do the bulk of the work on ‘Rap Money’, clearly defining the sections and show off Distro’s mixdown ability as key features of one portion become background percussion on the next, and vice versa. Is this the first every Trap x UK Funky tune? (we’d genuinely love to know, email us)

Bad Hood

The final track on the release is ‘Bad Hood’, which opens in a much more reserved manner than the previous two. As swelling pads sigh up and down and atmospheric noises echo and reverb in the background, we literally had no idea the direction the track would take, right up until the drums came in. Even then, the rolling military snares don’t give too much away with a soft riff and string stabs providing the only musicality. Quickly, everything drops out to be replaced by the huge kick drum/sub combo, stuttering chants, and flashes of metallic basses. The percussion is unbelievably crisp, with every single click and impact sounding gorgeous – so good that we had to pull it up just to appreciate it all again. The rolling, ‘clacking’ hi-hat is a beaut and the panned, 3 hit drum fill is an absolute joy. Vocals chop and change as sections progress, both adding and easing up on the energy where appropriate. After breaking down, the military snares return, but you can tell something is different this time; rather than fading away, they remain, as dropping for the second time, ‘Bad Hood’ becomes a 4 to the floor carnival banger, helped out by a brief but genius whistle addition. ‘Bad Hood’ is another perfect example of Distro’s versatility, fusing a heap of influences into a UK Bass monster.

Selecta’s favourite track: Bad Hood

Overall Rating – 9/10

Distro has always shown versatility in his music but his ‘Tectonic’ EP is genuinely something else. To be able to take so many influences and melt them down into 3 tracks is an immense effort, and is only complimented by the attention to detail shown in the production. Every single sound on all 3 tunes has a role and plays it perfectly; nothing has been used just to fill a gap. We can’t think of a label more suitable for ‘Tectonic’ either, as it maintains and even builds on standards set by label mates such as Squane and Hypho – big up 877 because their quality control is clearly on point, whilst still releasing diverse music. We can only hope now that there is plenty more music from Distro on the way. 

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Listen to the previews for In:Flux Audio’s latest ‘…Presents…’ EP


Nearly a year on from the last instalment, In:Flux Audio continue with their ‘…Presents…’ series.

Eleven months ago, Pavv took over the Juno Download charts with his collaborative effort for the Yorkshire based In:Flux audio. Getting together a group of some of the biggest, bass-intensive producers, the release was quite rightly a hit.

Back to the present day, and the next instalment has been curated by Sheffield based UK Garage trio, Wölfe. Naturally, the lineup is more UKG focused with producers such as Doctor Nick, Cellardore, GHSTGHSTGHST and, obviously, the Wölfe boys themselves, though there is a fair share of bass heavy bangers too.

Prizma, Doctor Cryptic, J.G, and Arctic, amongst others, provide some seriously big tunes, and there’s even some 160bpm footwork vibes from American producer Kozee.

Checkout the full preview for ‘Wölfe Presents…’ below:

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There’s a new EL-B EP forthcoming on Four40 Records


7 months on from his ‘Attitude’ EP on Four40 Records, EL-B announces Part 2 is due soon.

The garage scene celebrated when original don EL-B made his long awaited return back in August 2016, choosing to release his ‘Attitude’ EP on Four40 Records.

Now it seems we could be treated to another release on the Birmingham based label from him, after he posted a photo on his Facebook Artist page.

Simply called ‘Attitude Part 2’, it’s unknown as of yet whether it will be a straight up sequel with new tracks, or if it will be remixes/VIPs of the original release. Either way, we can’t wait to hear it and are certain it’ll be massive.

Listen to EL-B’s ‘Attitude’ EP below:

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Bassline Roundup: March 10th-17th. Pure Bassline, Bassfest Lineup announcement and Bassboy’s guestmix for Complex


Whilst we were away, there was a lot of good news for Bassline lovers.

During our week away from our social media feeds and inbox, it was only typical that some big news dropped.


The biggest of that news was the announcement of this Summer’s BassFest. Taking place in Manchester on July 15th, there’s set to be over 100 headline artists and 6 different stages including takeovers by Wired, Krudd x Lengoland, Offmenut, Butterz, Beastwang and Reminisce. The lineup so far reads as a list of pretty much every artist that has been killing it over the last 18 months, including big names such as TQD, Holy Goof and Skepsis as well as rapidly rising talents like Darkzy, Jack Junior and Tony Tribe. See more of the lineup below:


Get your tickets for BassFest ’17 here, and check the Facebook Event here.


Almost as if to get people ready for BassFest ’17, Pure Bassline (mixed by DJ Q and Jamie Duggan) was announced. Scheduled for March 31st, it’s an absolutely huge release; 60 tracks spread over 3 CDs, containing some of the most sought after edits and VIPs. Read the full tracklist, and pre-order your copy here.


Finally, the mighty Bassboy put out a new mix via Complex for the next instalment in their ‘Sessions’ series. Tieing in with his recent ‘Badboy’ EP, the mix itself is a 100% Bassboy affair, including some unofficial remixes. Checkout the mix below, and be sure to read the interview here.

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The lineup for 1Forty’s next event has been revealed


1Forty continue to dominate the Leeds bass scene with another all star lineup.

After talking to 1Forty last month, it has to be said we really admire both their patience and quality control.

Though it seems like the Leed’s based event has been around forever, their next event on May 5th will only be their third. Both parties before this had massive, carefully curated lineups and the latest instalment looks like continuing that trend.

The list of DJs set to play looks mad as it is,  pretty much consisting of a ‘who’s who’ of the artists dominating the bassline scene right now. But if Holy Goof, Darkzy, Palize and Livsey wasn’t going to be enough to get you to buy tickets, Grime legends Slimzee and Killa P are also booked to play.

Make sure you don’t miss out on 1Forty #3; keep an eye on the Facebook event here so you don’t miss tickets being released. Check out the video below to see what went down at 1Forty #2

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