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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 4th -10th Feb


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Blackboxx – Estre [Forthcoming Slime Recordings]

Every track on Blackboxx’s latest release for Slime was a contender for featuring in T5TotW, but ‘Estre’ just edged it. Blackboxx combines plucked riffs akin to that of old school garage, stabs of bass that sounds much more modern and a stylishly chopped, sensual vocal. The drums are the toughest sounding element in the track, but aren’t overpowering either. ‘Estre’ is, quite simply, a 3 minute 7 second long slice of sexy Garage.

2. Swedger – Jungle Juice

If there’s one thingy Swedger does extremely well, it’s big, fuck off angry basslines. Combining elements of grime and jungle, ‘Jungle Juice’ is no different. Accompanying said bassline is a chopped vocal that carries most of the momentum for the first half of the track . In the second half of the tune, more energy is provided by some classic breaks. As well as the huge bassline is a couple of riffs, the steel drum being the most catchy in our opinion. This is a great track for injecting something a bit different into your sets.

3. Hybrid Theory Ft Trilla – VIP (Skepsis Remix) [Forthcoming Four40 Records]

Hybrid Theory couldn’t have got a bigger list of artists to remix ‘VIP’, their track ft Trilla. Skepsis has come through with a heavy, surprisingly catchy, metallic bassline backed by a huge sub. There’s a solid backbone to the tune thanks to the big, chunky drums (love the clap), and plenty of space for Trilla’s vocal to do it’s thing too. Guaranteed to go off everywhere it’s played, which is almost becoming a habit for Skepsis.

4. Shudan – Amaterasu [Forthcoming White Peach Records]

This tune is too sick and it reminds us of Flava D’s Wardubs; a consistent theme is carried right the way through the track, but is split into a load of different sections, each using different ideas. Listening to just the intro, you wouldn’t expect this to be a grime banger, but it soon drops into combination of massive drums and an almost brassy bassline that plays in a brilliant contrast against a simple yet contagious riff. The breakdown is stunning, and really highlights the Far Eastern influence, and the second drop really ramps things up. ‘Amaterasu’ is one of those tracks that just doesn’t get boring.

5. Poirer ft Fwonte – Pale Mal (Murder He Wrote Remix) [Forthcoming NICE UP! Records]

Murder He Wrote continues to smash it, this time showing his remix credentials, turning ‘Pale Mal’ into a catchy UK Funky banger. The vocal lends itself perfectly to Murder He Wrote’s style, and he takes full advantage, teaming it up with the chunky, shuffling drums that are quickly becoming his trademark and a big (yet simple) bassline. This one will be bringing the summer vibes to rave whilst we wait for the weather to warm up.

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 21st – 27th Jan


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Vital Techniques ft MC PEAN – Spin The Dubplate (Hypho Remix) [Second To None Music]

Hypho continues to turn out quality music, and this remix of ‘Spin The Dubplate’ is no different. Coming like slowed down Trap, mixed with UK bass flavours, MC Pean’s vocal has been pitched all the way down, and the brass from the original has been slowed. There’s a lot of power in the 808 kick, and snap in the snare, but as with most Hypho tunes, the real joy is in the smaller details- in this case the background percussion, atmospherics and reverbs.

2. Bass Adjustment – Unity In Diversity (Bad Habit Remix) [Forthcoming Cozy Lounge Records]

As soon as you see Bad Habit is on a track with vocals, you know it’s going to be top class. Starting with breezy, summery chords and the main vocal, the track quickly drops into a solid dose of 2 step. The drums shuffle along nicely, riding a huge wobbling bassline with vocal chops filling the empty spaces and a simple but slick sounding Marimba-sounding melody completes the ensemble.

3. Leda Stray – The Source [Forthcoming NM Recordings]

Leda Stray continues his UK Funky assault with an absolute monster of a track; ‘The Source’ is the weightiest tune we’ve heard for a while. Some genius sampling of Wiley, combined with some seriously huge basslines and chunky drums (including an incredibly satisfying ‘bitch slap’-esque clap) this will have you head nodding and bass facing at the same time.

4. Libra – Get Licked (Sirmo Remix) [WoNKed Bass]

Sirmo has given us everything we love in this remix. Big basslines, full sounding drums and clear, clever vocal cuts creating an equal amount of both heavy basses and actual musical content. We’re not entirely sure how Sirmo’s achieved making both the drums and bass SO large and then still manage to fit other elements around them, but he has , so hats off to him. A stomper of a track, with touches of class such as the silky vocals.

5. Barely Royal – Fire In The Dark (ft LØ) [Forthcoming Saucy Records]

Rounding off this week’s Top 5 is a change of vibe completely. A solo release from Barely Royal is a rare thing these days, but the sheer quality of ‘Fire In The Dark’ means the wait has been worth it. As we’ve said before, we can’t help but appreciate a well mixed Reese bass, and this track is anchored by one. LØ’s vocals sound so clear and concise and work well paired with the other vocal chops. The drums give the track a breaks-y vibe and sound crisp, sitting in the mix perfectly. This is a beautiful piece of music (there’s even a guitar solo!), and wouldn’t be out of place on radio. Knowing Saucy, there’s likely going to be some sick remixes too!

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 7th – 13th Dec


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Wittyboy ft Bru-C – Didn’t See You [Deeprot]

Wittyboy and Bru-C have combined on this Metal Gear Solid-sampling monster. Bru-C delivers the goods on the mic once again, providing plenty of catchy content and clever bars. On the buttons, Wittyboy has gone for an assortment of aggy, screeching, basses over a hefty 4×4 beat. Wicked track with loads of remix potential which we’re sure will be obliged at some point.

2. P Jam ft Hannah Rae – Hand On My Heart [Forthcoming Project Allout Records]

‘Hand On My Heart’ is a beautifully dreamy breaks tune from the minds of P Jam and Hannah Rae. P Jam compliments Hannah’s vocals perfectly with lush pads and pianos, crisp breaks and an earthy Reese…up until the drop at least. The pad soon gives way to a monster of a bassline and the breaks toughen up, providing a wicked contrast. Top notch production and all of the remixes are sick too.

3. Skue-K – E-Talking [Gassed Bristol]

‘It’s not you, it’s the E talking’, the sample from Skue-K’s latest banger tries to convince you. There’s absolutely nothing subtle about this track, and that’s what we love about it. Chunky, upfront drums (seriously, even the hi hat sounds big) and a combination of crunchy basses worthy of your best bass face makeup the bulk of the track, with a 2nd drop equally as devastating as the first. Can’t believe it’s a free download!

4. Vital Techniques – Cloud 9 [Forthcoming Second To None Music]

‘Cloud 9’ is quite possibly the most reserved track we’ve heard from Vital Techniques and it’s still large. There’s something extremely satisfying about a well produced, well mixed Reese bass and this is as good as example as any. The Reese trades blows with a more brassy sounding bass and an earthy womp over a 2 step beat, with interjections from rnb-esque vocal and MC snippets filling out this vibey roller.

5. Roska & Champion – Flame Grilled [Forthcoming RKS]

What happens when 2 of the sickest UK Funky producers team up for an EP?  You get mad tunes like Flame Grilled, thats what. With drums so tough they’ll take your lunch money and a bassline that’ll leave you wondering where you are and what you were doing, this tune is less Flame Grilled, more straight up fire. The bit-crushed bass on the second drop is so sick, and the pads on the breakdowns sound like they’ve come straight from a sci-fi horror film. If you don’t wheel this at least twice, you’re not playing it right.

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 31st Dec – 6th Jan


There’s been a lot of good music already but here’s our 5 favourites (in no particular order) from the first week of 2017.

1. Skelecta & Distinkt – Wait

We’re kicking this weeks Top 5 off with a mad one. With Skelecta and Distinkt working together, ‘Wait’ was always going to end up being filthy but this is next level. Starting with pads and a simple beat, on first listen you’d have no idea of what you’re about to be hit with. Tension builds and there’s an arpeggiated high pitched sound that puts us in mind of an old school horror film. The addition of the vocal pre-drop is a very nice touch, adding another layer to the track. Then the tune drops and jeeeeeeze – A combination of huge 4×4 drums and bubbling, womping and screeching basslines do the damage. This is gonna get pulled up everywhere.

2. Mick James & Mike Millrain – How Deep (Leda Stray Remix) [Forthcoming NM Recordings]

NM Recordings continue their rich vein of form with their latest EP from Mick James & Mike Millrain. Our favourite track on the EP is Leda Stray’s funky inspired take on the title track. The bright breezy original has been turned into a weighty peak time banger with some seriously slick drum programming and a hefty sub. The vocal has been chopped and a fresh riff has been added for more variation. Out of everything though, we really have to take our hats of to Leda Stray for the attention to detail on the percussion. Top class.

3. Nina Wilde – Less Is More (ft MC Blenda) (Lucent Remix) [Forthcoming Hot Cakes Bass]

This really is a combination of artists more than capable of making a banger. Lucent reworks Nina’s original, with huge kick drums and massive basslines. The drums have a wicked momentum about them with a constant hi hat ticking away and a heavy snare interjecting. Dropping into a crunchy, aggressive bass sound flexing alongside a shorter wob, MC Blenda’s vocal is chopped, begging the DJ to give him some more. There’s a sick moment before the second section where an old school break is used as a fill before it drops again and Blenda is let off his leash to spit over a the wobbing bass, which this time is much more prominent. After the breakdown, during which that little break is used again, the track drops into a serious switch up which is well worth waiting for. Big up Lucent on this one.

4. Mind Of A Dragon – U n Me [Forthcoming Soul Revolution Records]

How MOAD can maintain such a high work rate and high standards is a question we’d love to know the answer to. ‘U n Me’ is another track that is instantly recognisable as MOAD’s and it’s simply gorgeous. The crisp drums shuffle along with brief glimpses of lush pads and a beautiful pitched up vocal whilst a fat sub slithers in between the empty gaps. This is a proper head nodder, and had us thinking of the summer already! There’s not much else to say about ‘U n Me’ other than listen to it and enjoy the good vibes.

5. TC4 – Savage x MIK

TC4 are much like MOAD in that you can tell their tunes almost from the off. Though this version of Savage features the acapella from MIK’s Ice Rink Freestyle, we’re more focused on the instrumental and how sick it is. From the beginning the drums are next level skippy, scattered under a gorgeous, dreamy pad. Snapping back to reality on the drop, the bass contrasts the pad nicely and works in amongst the spaces left by the percussion, adding to how skippy the track feels. It says a lot about how good a production is when only drums, bass, staccato stabs and vocal one shots are playing and the track sounds full, but then we knew TC4 are wicked at their craft already.

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 10th – 16th Dec


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Cup & String – Still Deep In Love (2 Step Mix) [Slime Recordings]

Kicking this off week’s T5TotW is Cup & String’s latest free offering. Switching out the 4×4 drums of the original with some tasty 2 step shuffles but keeping the bassline near enough the same has proven to be a simple but effective way to give Still Deep In Love a sick new spin. For those unfamiliar with the original, expect in your face, stuttering basslines and a sultry vocal. The clicky-ness of the bass as it filters back in for the second drop is such a satisfying sound and we love how thick the snare is.

2. Roll Deep – When I’m ‘Ere (Endor Flip)

Endor definitely isn’t the first person to bootleg this tune, and he won’t be the last, but none of the bootlegs that we know of are on this sort of vibe. Aptly tagged on Soundcloud as ‘Lengman Riddim’, this is gully. If chopping in the riff from the original isn’t enough to get you a reaction from the crowd, the guttural bassline is instant pull up material. The 2 step drums are hard hitting, with a chunky kick and a big clap. The triplets on the hi hats are a nice, subtle touch to add momentum and variety. There’s not much more to it other than the vocal, which is obviously sick, but nothing else really needs to be added to this banger anyway.

3. Vacant x Aesthetic Kid – Knøw

If ever a grime instrumental could be called ‘gorgeous’ this is the one. Everything about ‘Knøw’ is top rate. Clear, vibrant arpeggios, with an ever changing source, tangle themselves around tough basslines, hi hat triplets and abrupt claps. The vocal brings emotion to the track and when paired with the earthy reese bass is reminiscent of Burial in his prime. There’s so much attention to detail on ‘Knøw’, and it’s produced to such a high standard, though we already knew Vacant was a badboy producer. Keep an eye on Aesthetic Kid though, big things to come we reckon.

4. Massappeals & Snowy – Do / Donts (Skepsis Edit)

Jeeeeesus. Firstly big up Massappeals & Snowy on the original because it’s mad. If there is one thing ‘Do / Donts’ was crying out for though, it was a version with some kind of drop after building all that tension, and Skepsis fully delivers. Using the original basses and Snowy’s slick delivery, a monster has been created by adding aggy 4×4 drums and some wicked fills. This has unlimited rewind potential, and seeing as it’s not getting a release, this track is worth going to catch a Skepsis set on it’s own.

5. A.Motion – Ascend [BRØKEN]

We’re very excited about the fact A.Motion is back making music, and if he carries on putting tunes out like ‘Ascend’ people will forget he ever had time away. With tension building from the very beginning using atmospheric pads, jungle breaks and cut up vocals, we got an early impression this was gonna be sick. As soon as the tune dropped, we realised that was an understatement. The main bass sound is absolutely monstrous but also very cleverly kept on a short leash;  anymore than the single note bursts it’s allowed to growl out would be overbearing. The breaks are crisp, and the grime-esque clap is a clever idea to keep momentum up. Welcome back A.Motion, more of this please!

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 26th Nov – 2nd Dec


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. moadan – fedora

After teaming up with Wolves duo TC4 on ‘Corona’, Mind of a Dragon has now released a collaborative EP with the UK underground’s King of groove, Joedan. The title track from the fedora EP is a combination of lush, dreamy chords, vibrant stabs, Joedans signature bumpy drums and some very recognisabe MOAD bass sounds. The sample that the track owes it’s name to is actually funny, whilst the music itself is seriously big. You’ll find yourself moving to this one without even realising it.

2. KXVU – Jaqqum

We uploaded KXVU’s minimix of the Jaqqum EP to our YouTube channel this week, and there’s a reason why. Every single version of the tune is mad, but the original is our favourite. Delicate string motifs weave themselves around crunchy, dominating square wave basses, with a sprinkling of ‘eski’ sound effects, gunshots, rewinds and breaking glass. Danny Jaqq’s vocals provide the track with it’s title, and sparse drums complete the mix with snare and hi hat rolls aplenty.

3. Daze Prism – React [BRØKEN]

If you haven’t noticed by now, finding bass producers capable of conveying emotion in their work seems to be somewhat a specialty of BRØKEN. This latest piece from Daze Prism fits that mould perfectly. Starting off with 2 step beats,  and a gorgeous piano filtering in, tension slowly builds. A string line that wouldn’t be out of place on a grime instrumental creeps to the fore, before the tune drops. Single, sustained notes from the  huge distorted bass allow the drums to evolve from a simple kick-clap pattern to more elaborate, shuffling hats. There’s glimpses of that beautiful piano again, before another emotional breakdown, and then a much more energetic second drop. Wicked stuff from Daze Prism.

4. Spoils & Monkey Wrench – Enemies In The Dance [Hamdi Refix]

Slowly, more producers are learning the art of the tasteful refix/bootleg. Hamdi has taken a wicked house tune from a couple of years ago and turned it into a grime monster. Some choice sampling of the intro, the key bass noises and a sick drum roll, all chopped up and thrown in with breakneck drums (the snare is mad) and he’s come out with a track that would have the biggest grime nights in the country begging for the reload. The second drop is some of the angriest music we’ve heard this year.

5. ADuki – Blood Sugar (Remake)

This track isn’t gonna be to everyone’s taste, and there’s a couple of things that could do with tweaking mix wise but we just cannot deny it’s a banger. Starting by putting an amusing spin on Pendulum’s ‘Blood Sugar’ Microsoft Sam intro and a loosely similar riff, things suddenly stop being funny on the drop. The basslines are mental. Absolutely fucking mental. The drum work is solid too, with the shuffling 2 step keeping things moving nicely, however they could do with being higher in the mix. Drop this in the rave and no one will be analysing the levels though. Love the Microsoft Sam ‘Gunfingers’ sample too.

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 19th – 25th Nov


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Tuff Culture – Miami Vice (Moony 99 Remix) [Project Allout Records]

This is the sexiest slice of 2 step we’ve heard in ages. Moony has really gone to town on this remix for Tuff Culture. Using the catchy vocals from the original, they’ve been surrounded with gorgeous chords and shuffling drums. He’s replaced the in-your-face bassline from Tuff Culture’s mix with a more refined, slinky sub and some other very subtle bass sounds to keep things rolling. This is an example of how to remix a song perfectly, just a shame it’s not seeing a summer release!

2. Deekline – I Can’t Wait (Fish x Lucent Remix) [Forthcoming Hot Cakes Bass]

Hot Cakes have now got a sister label and if the current previews are anything to go off, Hot Cakes Bass is going to be just as successful. As you would expect with Fish and Lucent on remix duties, this is an aggressive, high energy, dance floor destroyer of a tune. The drums are large, and the bass is enough to make you screw your face up in disgust. Interestingly, the first and second drops differ a huge amount. The first consists of a crunchy bass riff and interjecting wobs whilst the latter is more focused on higher pitched, wonky sounding bass noises.

3. Tuff Culture – Never Be

Tuff Culture can now put on his CV that he’s the first artist to feature twice in the same Selecta T5TotW. ‘Never Be’ is a 4 to the floor garage track with melodies and chords typical of a Tuff Culture production. The drums shuffle along as a pitched up vocal and lush stabs weave around a mega chunky bassline. As the tune progress we’re treated to arpeggios and organs and a more rounded sounding bass. We reckon this tune is a dark horse and that there is definitely reload potential here.

4. DJ Q – Breathe (J.Kong Edit) [Articulate Sound]

Remixing someone like DJ Q isn’t the easiest thing to do and quite honestly, should usually be avoided. J. Kong however has managed to avoid making a dodgy edit and in fact has cooked up an almost sensual garage re work of ‘Breathe’. The original vocal is open to a lot of musical interpretation and J. Kong has chosen to link it up to smooth pads, soulful keys and a low-key, sub intensive bass line. The second drop does have more energy, taking the stance of 4×4 and a stab providing an extra layer. Solid work for sure.

5. Shaun Dean – Complete [Chip Butty Records]

Shaun Dean seems to be everywhere at the moment and if you were just judging his ability off the back of ‘Complete’ you’d see there’s good reason for it. With the intro featuring a tasty arpeggiator / vocal combo, the tune drops into a massive metallic bassline riding 4×4 drums. The staccato strings are a wicked touch, and give the track an almost old school feel. Every bassline DJ in the country needs this one.

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