Early inspiration, dream remixes and releasing with one of his favourite lables; a quick chat with Wittyboy [Interview]

Wittyboy Press Shot 3

Following on from his releases on Chip Butty Records and Crucast, Wittyboy’s most recent release see’s him pair up with a label close to his heart; DJ Zinc’s imprint, Bingo Bass. The London based artistss latest 2 track EP is a perfect representation of his hybrid production style. We spoke to him about his history in production, the state of the bass scene right now and the EP itself.

As someone who made their name during the first wave of Bassline, what was your initial introduction to dance music?

I was heavily inspired by early speed garage and 2 step garage when growing up. This was the first type of music other than Hip Hop that got my attention. I used to buy the Sun City tape packs from my local off license; can you imagine an off-license selling tape packs now?! Crazy when I think about it.

What was it that made you want to start producing?

I think it was a natural progression from being a DJ and wanting exclusive dubplates to drop that nobody else had. That’s what made you stand out as a DJ and still does in my opinion.

If you weren’t making Bassline or Garage, what kind of music would you produce?

Probably Hip Hop or Grime.

What are the biggest changes in your own music since you started out?

My technical knowledge and quality in structure and sound. I understand music much better now than I did back then and technology has advanced too which helps.

You’re originally from Leeds but now live in London – what are the biggest differences in the bass music scene that you’ve noticed since moving?

There’s a much bigger scene across the country now whereas before it was literally just up north. There were a few people trying to push it down South back then but not many.

You’ve been on remix duties for a list of massive names; if you could do a remix for anyone in the world right now who would it be and why?

I would love to remix for Jorja Smith or Dua Lipa. They are both amazing vocalists.

Your latest release dropped on DJ Zinc’s label, Bingo Bass. Tell us a little bit about your connection to the label and how the release came about?

I started sending Zinc music and he asked if I would be interested in releasing on Bingo – I obviously said yes and here we are! I have a personal connection to the label historically as some of the back catalog heavily influenced my sound and career.

What was your process for writing the release?

The same as any music I suppose. I just go with what feels and sounds right at the time. This release shows both sides of my style I think. ‘Burning’ is more melodic whereas ‘Working With’ is more bass driven.

How healthy do you think the current UK Bass scene is?

I think the scene has lots of diversity in terms of the music and the fans, which is always a great thing. I think if people continue to create original music that is true to themselves then the scene will continue to thrive.

Finally, what’s next for Wittyboy?

Continue to make original music and work with as many talented artists as I can. Hopefully drop an album too at some point!

You can hear Wittyboy – ‘Working With/Burning’ below, and buy the release here.

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