PVC – Trash EP [Southpoint] [Review]


PVC returns to Southpoint applying his eclectic collection of influences on 3 massive new originals also featuring the vocal talents of Duke and a slick remix from Bushbaby, making it a full on Southpoint family affair.

Trash (ft Duke)

PVC kicks the EP off with intertwining melodies and a gentle contrast between the natural ringing of the tuned mallet sound, a shimmering, falling lead and stretched out atmospherics over a stuttering Funky-esque drums. This rich combination brings out an emotional quality in Duke’s sharp vocal with the pressure steadily building before dropping. PVC is known for twisted, powerful basslines and thats exactly what he’s come through with here; a blend of harsh, higher pitched notes screech over a lower, consistent chug that drives the track on making space only for snippets of Duke’s vocal and galloping drum fills. With the second drop treated to some subtle variations in the bassline, ‘Trash’ is set to be an intense and unrelenting assault on the dance floors everywhere.

Rum In The Cup

One of the reason’s we were drawn to PVC’s music years ago was the fact he loves a melody and he’s back at it again on in the intro to ‘Rum In The Cup’, layering fluttering arpeggios and euphoric stabs under a vocal that is 100% going to have people chanting along; with a brilliant shuffle to the drums and a devastatingly brazen bassline this is destined to be a crowd pleaser. We can’t help but love the little acid-inspired background synth as well as the subtle plucked instrumentation – how PVC found space in the mix for them to shine through we’ll never know but full credit to him for that.


‘Insane’ starts out as a soulful slice of house, with chunky drums acting as support for a brilliant bit of vocal sampling and a euphoric piano riff. Things get hectic pretty quickly as the track drops into a stripped back 4×4 stomper lead by a catchy distorted bass riff which tangles with a higher pitched version of itself on the second drop. You’ll struggle not to nod your head along to this one, the drums putting us in mind of the Jackin’ House glory days of 2014/2015 but with added funk and a bit more aggression. It’s an absolute banger and we can’t help but love it .

Trash (ft Duke) [Bushbaby Remix]

Bushbaby’s take on the title track starts off bringing the layer of emotion from the original track to the forefront as Duke lets loose over airy pads, dark strings and long leads anchored down by the most satisfying drums – the snare rolls are a thing of beauty and so is the fill before the first drop. Initially keeping things to a regimented 4×4 pattern with the metallic bassline sounding off, Bushbaby manages to filter in the UK Funky vibe from the original intro by eventually adding offbeat, shuffling snares. With the second drop equally effective as the first, the contrast between the calm, melancholic breakdown is breathtakingly good. If you ever needed a reference track on how to smash a remix, this is it.

Selecta’s Favourite Track: Insane.

Overall: 9/10


Before we even heard this EP we knew it was going to be, at worst, decent; Southpoint’s quality control has never dipped from the day they started and PVC is one of the most accomplished, interesting and technical producers in the scene. The man from Croydon has come out all guns blazing though, and delivered a selection of hefty cuts that portray a heap of his influences if you listen carefully enough. Every track is rave-ready, and there’s a lot of fun to be had, particularly on ‘Insane’. Duke is on top form on the title track, his vocal contributing to building hype but also nuanced with feeling; a subtle element on the original but dragged into the spotlight by the atmospheric, emotionally charged remix from Bushbaby. Top work from everyone involved. 

You can by PVC – ‘Trash’ EP here.

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