Eclypse and Heretic team up on a sensuous slice of vocal UKG


The Netherlands based producer returns to Southpoint with vocalist Heretic and an instant classic

Southpoint have made a name for themselves as a go to label for top notch UK Bass, Grime and Bassline productions but do 5 minutes digging and you’ll find out that the Brightoners also have a soft spot for UK Garage – smooth, soulful UKG in particular.

With appearances from the mighty Moony, including his amazing ‘Bullion’ EP, as well as a smattering of tracks from up and coming producers both on their compilations and their Southpoint: Introducing series, it’s clear that amongst all the heavy basslines and thumping drums, Southpoint’s ear for quality Garage is top notch.

They’ve struck gold once again, this time with a beautiful new single from Eclypse – making his return after releasing the grimey ‘Don’t Talk Crud’ EP – and Leeds based vocalist Heretic.

The tone is set from the start on ‘Ignite’ with slinky filtered pads, shuffling stop-start drums and chopped female vocals creating a base layer for Heretic’s incredibly smooth voice. With harmonies and ad-libs all on point and a liberal dose of reverb, the lead vocal sits delicately above the bassline, which is catchy and a touch moodier than the rest of the instrumentation.

Full credit has to go to Eclypse for his attention to detail production wise – the drums, bassline and vocal are all mixed to perfection and whilst they may be the most upfront elements of the track there’s plenty of tiny flourishes to enjoy; a soft arpeggiated square wave panning from ear to ear on occasion, which when combined with a gorgeous, shimmering harp-esque sound adds a huge amount of width to the track and a Rhodes follows the same pattern as the bassline which is simple and subtle yet effective.

In all, ‘Ignite’ is a scintillating example of how new school UKG with vocals could and should be done. It’s versatile enough to both slot seamlessly into a set at a rave and your playlist for summer and we firmly believe that Southpoint, Eclypse and Heretic are sitting on a stone cold classic here.

Stream a preview of Eclypse – ‘Ignite’ (feat Heretic) below. The full track drops tomorrow (6/4/18) on Southpoint.

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