The influences of Croydon and Dubstep, finding his sound early and gigging with Jauz; an interview with PVC [Interview]


Purple Velvet Curtains, or PVC as he’s known, has been involved in the UK Underground scene for years, crafting an incredibly unique sound that sets him apart from anyone else and makes his productions instantly recognisable. Ahead of the release of his next EP, due out on Southpoint at the end of this month, we caught up with him to talk about his musical roots, Dubstep, and his favourite moments as a DJ.

We first started hearing your music on Marcus Nasty’s show years back, and it immediately stood out from what everyone else was doing – why do you think your sound design was so different from so early?

I guess at the time there really wasn’t many people pushing that kind of 130 Jackin’ House vibe with Bassline; it was either Jackin’ at 130 or Bassline at 140 so big shouts to Marcus for putting tunes like that and myself on the map. I just don’t think there was enough people experimenting, I was young at the time so I really didn’t  think much of it and I almost thought I was the only one using Reason as well. People used to look at me funny when I told them I was strictly Reason and in a sense that kind of made me think I could use things others couldn’t.

What was it that first made you want to get in to making music?

I always had a big passion for mixing music – I had a set of decks by the time I was 13/14 – and wanted my own music to add into mixes ever since. I actually organised a few ‘raves’ (using that word lightly) when I was about the same age just because there was no way for me to play in a proper club. I started making music for fun; growing up in Croydon I kinda took a lot of Dubstep and Garage influences from people around me (Digital Mystiks, Benga + Skream, Monsters etc.) but being in that younger generation it was a lot of watching and learning whenever I could get a chance or whenever I was lucky enough.

With originally being from Croydon, how did the emergence of dubstep have an affect on you?

As mentioned before I was really young at the time compared to the guys that were really coming up. Although I spent my fair few weekends down at Big Apple and even after it shut down it was always a case of kinda soaking it all in and the spending hours each night trying to recreate what I heard that day. With everything my sound evolved to the point I was making strictly 2-step and bass house for a while but couldn’t ever stray from that Dubstep influence which I still think I use in my music now.

Now you’re in Brighton, how does the scene compare with that from the Capital?

Very different. Not in a bad way at all but when I first moved down to Brighton it was an underground music hub that put on events with artists that were fully on the come up – just as a quick example I remember seeing Preditah with 5 people in the rave the first year I landed and it blew my mind. Now seeing him sell out tours is incredible and just shows how ahead of its time Brighton was. I honestly am slowly starting to see that happen again but for a few years there was a big transition in what people wanted down here. I feel London has always been quite consistent and it’s a big enough place that you don’t even have to be looking for a decent rave to find one.

The track that really put you on our radar (and a lot of other people’s) was your bootleg of Ten Walls’ ‘Walking With Rhinos’; how do you think you’ve changed and developed as an artist since releasing that?

Life kicked in big time after I released ‘Walking with Rhinos’ and I’ve taken a few breaks in between then and now. Honestly,  I’ve only started to feel in the last year that I’ve developed into a person I feel comfortable with so I guess my sound develops and changes with me. As an artist I feel like I’m improving and developing daily; I’ve had some great opportunities to work with some crazy people in the last year and learning every step of the way has been an eye opener. With so much more to come it’s exciting to think where the music could go!

You’ve played all over the country and internationally but for those who haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing a PVC set, what can ravers normally expect to hear from you?

Energy, energy, energy.  I love a good party so I like to show that throughout my set! I’m playing a lot of unreleased stuff at the moment from myself and plenty of my pals that seems to turn any place upside down, although I love to throw in a few classics too. I tend to go through the whole spectrum of bass music from UK Bass to Garage to Bassline with some random bits chucked in between. All-round a lot of fun and good vibes.

What’s been your favourite set so far and why?

My favourite set so far would have to be Cross Club in Prague. It was a crazy experience and the club was incredible, topped off by having a restaurant inside the rave which is probably my favourite combo ever. Was with some really nice hosts and the city is just a beautiful place. An honourable mention would have to be a hometown show supporting Jauz at XOYO – to meet the man himself was enough but to play to a sold out show with so many old faces in attendance was special.

With your next release coming out on Southpoint, tell us a bit about your relationship with them and how you put the EP together?

Southpoint have always been my bros from since I moved down here and they started up. It’s been a long time coming for me to be jumping on the label for a release but I feel it’s definitely come at the right time! Everyone on the label I have plenty of time for including my hometown pal Duke who jumped on the release for me with some mad vocals and Bushbaby who has done a killer remix of ‘Trash’ as well. It was very fun putting the whole thing together and I hope it shows.

What’s the general process for a PVC studio session?

The general studio session really depends on who I’m with or the mood I’m in. Typically it starts with a cup of tea with Mary, and then follows with something stronger if the mood takes me… I’ve got so many ideas and voices in my head and a lot don’t really suit this project (PVC) so I write a lot of music that constantly gets me working with other people which is so much fun and obviously very beneficial but I tend to bounce off people a bit and go with the flow. I try and take influences from as many different places as possible and cram them into the PVC side of things which makes things new and relevant. A Deliveroo is essential and so is having just enough utensils around me so I don’t have to move.

Finally, what have you got lined up after the release of the ‘Trash’ EP?

There’s a lot going on this year, some crazy collabs and a lot more vocal work for some special people that I’m fully excited about! I have two singles coming out in the summer and a few bass heavy EPs swinging about in between. I’m also hoping to get PVC out a bit more during the summer so expect some last minute bookings and appearances from myself causing a bit of mischief with my pals.

Also, I’d just like to thank you guys for having me on here, the Southpoint boys for helping me out with this EP and to Duke & Bushbaby for their involvement in making this happen, the love is real!

PVC’s next EP, ‘Trash’, is due for release on Southpoint, 27/04/18. You can hear a couple of tracks from it below

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Premiere: Fork & Knife + Tigs – ‘Bring Your Crew’ (Common Underground Remix) [Forthcoming Raw Tactics]

Bring Your Crew Artwork.jpg

Raw Tactics are on a roll as label boss Tigs teams up with London based Fork & Knife on their latest release

We’ve been really liking what Raw Tactics have been putting out as of late and it seems like they have no intentions of letting up, delivering 3 new weighty, versatile cuts into our inbox; the label’s next release sees head honcho join forces with Fork & Knife on two originals with a seriously good remix of the title track from Australian duo, Common Underground.

‘Bring Your Crew’ is a chunky slice of two step that centres around a catchy riff, a high-cut vocal and frantic (yet immaculate) percussion teetering on the edge of Garage and UK Bass; whilst 2-step rhythms are in play, the majority of the low end is provided by the heavily distorted kick drum and there’s plenty of hi-hat triplets thrown in for good measure. The non-committal to either camp doesn’t stop it being a banger, and that riff will definitely bury itself in your sub-conscious

‘Like This’ follows the ‘catchy riff x filtered’ vocal pattern, but is a very sick tune in itself. Whilst giving off a slight Funky vibe owing to the drums, it’s a Grime-y UK Bass tune anchored by gritty 808s and scattershot snares. There’s plenty of percussion on top of everything else to bring more momentum and really drive home the fact that Raw Tactics aren’t lacking in artists who can program very very good drums.

Common Underground’s remix of ‘Bring Your Crew’, premiered by ourselves, grabs the original riff and vocal by the scruff of the neck and launches it firmly into UK Bass territory. The combination of massive 808s, tech-y lead line and attention to detail in the drum work puts us firmly in mind of Hypho, which can never be a bad thing.

You can hear the premiere of Fork & Knife + Tigs – ‘Bring Your Crew’ (Common Underground Remix) below, and the whole release is due out 13/04/18.

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Eclypse and Heretic team up on a sensuous slice of vocal UKG


The Netherlands based producer returns to Southpoint with vocalist Heretic and an instant classic

Southpoint have made a name for themselves as a go to label for top notch UK Bass, Grime and Bassline productions but do 5 minutes digging and you’ll find out that the Brightoners also have a soft spot for UK Garage – smooth, soulful UKG in particular.

With appearances from the mighty Moony, including his amazing ‘Bullion’ EP, as well as a smattering of tracks from up and coming producers both on their compilations and their Southpoint: Introducing series, it’s clear that amongst all the heavy basslines and thumping drums, Southpoint’s ear for quality Garage is top notch.

They’ve struck gold once again, this time with a beautiful new single from Eclypse – making his return after releasing the grimey ‘Don’t Talk Crud’ EP – and Leeds based vocalist Heretic.

The tone is set from the start on ‘Ignite’ with slinky filtered pads, shuffling stop-start drums and chopped female vocals creating a base layer for Heretic’s incredibly smooth voice. With harmonies and ad-libs all on point and a liberal dose of reverb, the lead vocal sits delicately above the bassline, which is catchy and a touch moodier than the rest of the instrumentation.

Full credit has to go to Eclypse for his attention to detail production wise – the drums, bassline and vocal are all mixed to perfection and whilst they may be the most upfront elements of the track there’s plenty of tiny flourishes to enjoy; a soft arpeggiated square wave panning from ear to ear on occasion, which when combined with a gorgeous, shimmering harp-esque sound adds a huge amount of width to the track and a Rhodes follows the same pattern as the bassline which is simple and subtle yet effective.

In all, ‘Ignite’ is a scintillating example of how new school UKG with vocals could and should be done. It’s versatile enough to both slot seamlessly into a set at a rave and your playlist for summer and we firmly believe that Southpoint, Eclypse and Heretic are sitting on a stone cold classic here.

Stream a preview of Eclypse – ‘Ignite’ (feat Heretic) below. The full track drops tomorrow (6/4/18) on Southpoint.

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Premiere: KSO x Eddie Craig – ‘Dub For Ya Speaker’ ft Dread MC & Tengu (NuBass Remix)


The rapidly rising NuBass is on remix duties for Kissy Sellout’s latest release, featuring some massive names

Kissy Sellout is keeping the pressure on with a collection of huge remixes of his second single from his forthcoming album, enlisting the production talents of NuBass, Virtue and Zurra.

The credits for the original mix of ‘Dub For Ya Speaker’ read like an Allstar collection of the UK underground, with The Wideboys’ Eddie Craig, Dread MC and Tengu all involved. A breaks infused Bassline anthem, each remix puts a new spin on things.

The NuBass version, which has been premiered by ourselves, brings fresh energy as an in-your-face, all out Bassline stomper centring on Dread’s tough vocals and a rinsing, metallic bass. Virtue comes through with a hefty drum and bass roller whilst Zurra has opted for a pounding tech-house approach.

You can stream the premiere of NuBass’ remix below (which is released this Friday, 6/4/18), with ‘Dub For Ya Speaker’ set for release on KSO’s forthcoming album.

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Premiere: Witchdoctor – 6AM [Forthcoming Downplay Recordings]


2 of the freshest new forces in UKG team up on a blissfully sweet release

Since Slime Recordings started their sister label, Downplay, they’ve worked hand in hand with a collection UK Garage’s new crop of exciting producers, and their next EP stays true to that formula – this time pairing up with highly rated up and comer, Witchdoctor who has provided the goods on his second full EP, ‘6AM’.

If you haven’t heard of Witchdoctor until now, we strongly advise you go and check out all of his tunes to date. He’s clearly a hugely capable producer across the spectrum of underground UK music, including Bass House and Bassline, but UK Garage is where he really seems to be at home.

The EP kicks off with ‘Champagne’, pre-empting the forthcoming Summer with an array of glistening chords, staccato strings and flashes of vocal over 2step drums and rolling snares. ‘Wot U R’ is also on a feel good vibe, though this time Witchdoctor has opted for big, skippy 4×4 drums that lay the foundation for more bubblegum vocals and gorgeous keys – a Summer anthem in the making.

The title track, premiered over on our Soundcloud, is the darkest track of the 3 and probably the most dancefloor focused.

Title track ‘6AM’ takes another path entirely, with a low-slung 4X4 rhythm guiding the beat across chord washes and a rolling bassline that gives the production a full-on warehouse bumpy bubbler taste that’ll have the floor full in no time.

– Downplay Recordings

Witchdoctor – 6AM is out on Downplay Recordings on 6/4/18. Preview the title track below.

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Tropicalé are back in Brighton this weekend with a hefty lineup


Self proclaimed as ‘Brighton’s answer to Elrow’, it’s one you don’t want to miss

Carnival inspired party-starters Tropicalé are back in Brighton this weekend and are bringing plenty of good vibes with them, after previously hosting Jus Now, Hamdi, RVB, Movement and Baloo back at Patterns in February.

This time round they’re taking over new club Hideout with Dismantle and The Busy Twist on headline duties, alongside Southpoint head honcho KXVU who is going b2b with the returning Hamdi and OVERGRND’s own Affiliate. Rounding off the lineup is the Tropicalé residents, meaning it’s set to be a night full of UK Funky, Grime, Jungle and world inspired carnival vibes.

If a quality selection of DJs wasn’t enough to sway you, there’ll also be party bags on the door, inflatables, confetti, jungle themed decoration and ‘super happy fun vibes’ – all for free.

There is still a few tickets on general release which you can get here, and the Facebook event can be found here.

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