Pressa releases more new music in the form of the brilliant ‘Canopy’ EP

Pressa - Canopy EP

The London based producer continues his monthly release series in fine form

Breaks producer Pressa has picked up some momentum since the turn of the year, releasing an EP every month, the latest of which comes in the form of ‘Canopy’.

Released on 1st March, Pressa has seen ‘Canopy’ pick up heavyweight support, notably scoring a massive 9.0 in DJ Mag – a rating that is unsurprising considering the quality of the productions.

‘Canopy’ itself is dreamy affair at 135bpm; lush, fluttering pads weave in between a heavy, pulsing sub and immaculate drums. Every sound is perfectly placed and the little rolls throughout are like subtle ear porn to us. There’s an element of underlying grit to ‘Spiralling Out’, which has a sense of UK Funky influence in the drums. The bassline is more frantic than the title track, as it bubbles away under yet more sumptuous pads and reverb smothered, crunchy hats.

If this is the standard of his monthly output, we’re going to be keeping a sharp eye on Pressa – his music is fresh and exciting and he’s clearly a talented producer. You can listen to, and buy, Pressa – ‘Canopy’ EP below:

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