Premiere: Kazumi Anzai – Beehive (Context Remix) [Forthcoming Downplay Recordings]


Young London based producer Context adds to his growing list of remix credits

Since being launched as a sister label to Slime Recordings at the start of the year, Downplay are almost 2 releases deep, with both EPs featuring vibrant UK Garage from refreshingly creative artists, the second of which is Kazumi Anzai’s ‘Beehive’, which is due to drop on February 23rd.

Featuring 2 originals and a remix from 18 year old Londoner, Context, the title track kicks things off with dreamy chords and string plucks before dropping into a combination 2 basslines; one chunky stab and the other a more elongated wobble. ‘Cinnamon’ starts in a similar fashion to the previous track but the main sections are more focused around syncopated 2 step drums and a popping, bubbling sub bass.

We’ve been given the remix of ‘Beehive’ to premiere, and Context has done a great job of keeping the essence of the original intact whilst providing a fresh vibe; the intro is stripped back but still melodic, and there’s still plenty of wobble in the bassline, though it’s been beefed up considerably. The shuffling 2step drums switch out for a 4×4 pattern on the second drop, which will definitely provoke a second reaction when played out.

You can stream Kazumi Anzai – ‘Beehive’ (Context Remix) below:

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