eatmybeat release their 3rd ‘Bonus Snacks’ compilation with all proceeds going to charity


The London based imprint enlist the help of some heavyweights, all for a good cause

It’s been a year since ‘Bonus Snacks Vol 2’ and eatmybeat are back with the next instalment of huge, tasty tracks. This time there’s more behind the release than pushing good music, with 100% of the money spent on the release going to West London charity, City Harvest.

As ever with the eatmybeat compilation series, there’s a combination of established producers and artists who are on the rise, with this years heavyweights including Bromley, KXVU, 9TRANE and Cloaka.

The music policy is also in keeping with eatmybeat’s traditions; its eclectic, UK underground music, though not all the artists are from or based in the UK; mainland Europe and New Zealand also get appearances. Whilst there’s tracks that hint at techier influences and outright grime bangers on the release, it’s all glued together by a common appreciation for bass heavy music.

You can stream eatmybeat’s ‘Bonus Snacks Vol 3’ below and either download it for free or for a ‘name your price’ donation towards City Harvest here.

City Havest is a charity based in West London who focus their efforts on redistributing excess food from supermarkets and farms to the homeless, hungry, and needy. 

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