Premiere: Ozwald – Attention Seeker [Forthcoming Resonate Sounds]


Resonate Sounds’ 4th release is a slick 2 tracker from Ozwald

After heavy support on their past releases from Priceless, Sammy Virji and Resonate resident High Class Filter, the London based collective-turned record label are back with fresh music from Ozwald.

After his massive standout release, ‘Raspberry Flutes’, on RKS Dubz, Ozwald’s latest EP consists of 2 melodic yet bass heavy UKG bangers. ‘Burgundy Methods’ is a brass inspired rinseout as the rasping bassline marches up and down bulky drums and bright flashes of organ intersperse. ‘Attention Seeker’ is an energetic 2 stepper based around a very chunky kick and a simple but effective bass riff. These act as a foundation for vibrant stabs, shuffling percussion and a bubbly arpeggiated lead sweet enough to give you tooth ache.

We’re premiering the brilliant title track on our Soundcloud which you can stream down below. You can pre-order Ozwald’s ‘Attention Seeker’ EP, out on Resonate Sounds 2/2/18, here.

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