Tigs – Don’t Get Rude EP [Raw Tactics Records] [Review]

Tigs - Dont Get Rude EP (Artwork)

Raw Tactics’ label boss Tigs is back with 3 clever, dancefloor ready cuts inspired by all things underground UK Bass music

Don’t Get Rude

Tigs kicks off his latest EP channeling the best bits of both Grime and UKG. As a call-and -response motif filters it’s way in over bulky stop-start drums, a sample of a particularly upset MC from an archive recording sets the tone for the track; moody and aggressive. ‘Don’t Get Rude’ then drops, with a bass sound that wouldn’t be out of place on a classic grime instrumental, still following the tune from the intro. The way the bassline works with the drums actually leaves plenty of space for MCs on the radio or in the dance.

Best Not Miss

Let it be known – when Tigs first sent us ‘Best Not Miss’ to premiere, it got wheeled. Not once, not twice, but 3 times.  It’s not the heaviest of tracks by any means but it’s sick; anyone who has liked TC4 or Wölfe’s recent output should be all over this. Staccato strings and tense atmospheric pulses combine over UK Funky inspired drums, building more and more suspense until a G-Funk style lead rings out and things go a bit mad. As in the previous track, the bassline follows a similar pattern as already played in the intro, switching between a grimey square wave and a more crunchy, metallic sound. The way the drums flow around the bassline is brilliant and they sound great too. The dark flourishes of strings are a sick little detail, as are the airhorns blasting away in the background. There is absolutely no way you cannot skank to ‘Best Not Miss – at the very least, you’ll find yourself nodding along without even realising. Banger.


‘Voodoo’ is the most sinister track on the EP, coming with a more tribal vibe from the off. Haunting vocals float in the background as brooding riffs build things up over a massive kick and echoing shakers. The tension rises before a sudden pause, then drops into a gully, mid range bass assault that takes it’s cues from the kick drum. The drums themselves are spacious, but still carry a Funky groove with the hats and shakers providing most of the momentum and reverb drenched cymbals adding to the atmospherics. The bass changes up on drop number 2 to a thicker, less resonant sound, giving good cause for a second reaction.

Selecta’s Favourite Track: Best Not Miss

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Tigs but he’s clearly been working hard on developing his sound and working all of his influences in to his music. One of the best things about UK Funky right now is all the forms it’s taking through the sheer amount of styles that bleed through into it. The Funky tracks on the ‘Don’t Get Rude’ EP are a prime example of how those styles work together without any compromise. With a solid UKG tune and 2 Funky tunes that are crying out for a reload every time they get played, Tigs has provided DJs with a bitesize armoury capable of shutting down any rave. 

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