Slime Recordings start up brand new sister label looking to the future of UK Garage


After a number of high quality, Garage focused releases, Slime are re-focusing with a new sister label

When we think of labels who have championed modern, well produced Garage over the last few years, Slime Recordings are definitely at the top of the list. Recently however, label heads have decided it’s time for Slime to focus on music away from Garage, leading to the creation of a fresh new outlet; Downplay Recordings.

The idea behind Downplay is simple – to build on the foundations already created by Slime’s celebrated ‘Future Sound of Garage’ series by putting the spotlight on the brightest new talent in UKG and helping them create quality releases with longevity.

We’re almost certain there will be some artists with Slime history popping up on Downplay too, though we can safely say the first 3 releases lined up are looking to the future; Birmingham duo Royal Flush are the brains behind DWN001, with Kazumi Anzai and Witchdoctor also scheduled in for releases and yet more new talent on remix duties.

You can hear a teaser from the forthcoming Royal Flush EP, ‘Skin’ (out on January 26th), below. Keep up to date with all things Downplay by liking their Facebook page here.

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