Pavv – Falling EP [Southpoint] [Review]


Pavv returns to Southpoint with a 5 track EP featuring original vocals, a huge remix and his signature style of UKG influenced bassline.

Falling (ft Charlie Brix)

We have to open the review by saying the title track to this EP is a piece of music that all new producers in the Bass scene should look at and learn from. Original vocals – check. Musical elements – check. Good drum programming – check. Big, but clean, drop – check. Original, fresh ideas – 100% check. We loved ‘Falling’ the moment we heard it, partly down to the rich, floating strings and partly because of Charlie’s brilliant vocal, which is incredibly catchy. Both elements bring an instant degree of genuine class that we haven’t heard on a Bassline tune in a very long time. The drums are chunky and full but still manage to shuffle around each other with ease, not fighting for space in the mix and when ‘Falling’ drops we can imagine it goes off thanks to the wonky, metallic riffs bouncing off of each other. Probably Pavv’s best tune to date.

Scatter Dub

Contrasting to the brightness of ‘Falling’, ‘Scatter Dub’ takes things to darker territories. Though the reggae stabs in the intro seem lighthearted, it’s a false sense of security as dark screeches and wobbles lead the way over a heavy sub and 4×4 drums, which once more sound brilliant – we loved the shuffling fills. As well as the reggae stabs, there’s dub sirens and ragga vocals, as Pavv effortlessly merges 2 different musical styles and cultures together.

Pick Up The Pace (ft Duke)

With the second feature on the EP bringing more original vocals, Pavv reaches for sinister brass and builds tension with chopped and pitched cuts of Duke’s vocal. The bass on the drop is a bouncy one which sits juxtapose to the drums that start out with a very straight 4×4 pattern. Duke rides the beat with ease, delivering clever bars and a drawing for a variety of flows as Pavv switches from the aforementioned rigid 4×4 pattern to a more UK Funky influenced beat. ‘Pick Up The Pace’ is a sheller and also a marker of Pavv’s ability to work with vocalists; off the basis of this we’re genuinely excited to hear what he’s got coming with Bru-C and Dread too.

Gully Face

Starting off with lush, dreamy chords and scattershot snares, we can’t help but feel things are going to flip thanks to the name of the track – a feeling that’s confirmed when the bassline starts to tease itself in ahead of the building kickdrums and first drop. ‘Gully Face’ delivers exactly what it says on the tin; a weighty bassline that chugs along and destroys all in it’s path, riding the drums that almost seem to roll in to one another, as you pull your best bass face and extend your gunfingers in to the air. The bass switches are timed perfectly and we’re amazed at how well those chords work with the gully-ness. A definitive Pavv production as soulful music works hand in hand with mad basslines.

Gully Face (Hamdi Remix)

Hamdi is a dangerous producer and proves it once again on this remix. Pitching the vocal chops and chords up from the original, things once again start fairly chilled out until Hamdi does what Hamdi does best. The drop is mental – elastic, metallic bass notes stretch out then bounce back off of the rapid drums in a way that can only send a dancefloor into a frenzy. The second drop switches from elasticity into abrupt, staccato notes for the ever-favoured second reaction and it’s a simple but great idea. Top work from Hamdi.

Selecta’s Favourite Track: Falling ft Charlie Brix

Overall Rating: 8/10

When we last reviewed an EP on Southpoint we said they ‘don’t release any music that isn’t original or inspired‘, and they’ve once again proved that it’s true. Pavv is back on top form for ‘Falling’ and he’s put himself into a brilliant position by proving he can work with vocalists – something less and less producers are doing but that the scene needs. ‘Falling’ features everything we love about Pavv including genuine musical flair, big basslines and influences from other music. Every track is more than suited to the rave, and Hamdi continues his mission to destroy dancefloors with his remix. A very sick release from everyone involved.

You can buy Pavv’s ‘Falling’ EP here.

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