Killjoy releases 2 huge new tracks on RDWRK


The fledgling London label enlist the sounds of Killjoy for RDWRK002

Though he’s not one of the most prolific producers, Killjoy is certainly more about quality than quantity with a string of brilliant releases on labels such as Tumble Audio, Project Allout and Champion’s Formula Records. He’s back again with 2 huge tracks on fresh label RDWRK and, as usual, he’s not pulling any punches.

With the underground UK Funky scene picking up more and more momentum every day, ‘Understand / Banzai’ is a brash reminder that when it comes to dark Funky vibes few can compete with Killjoy.

A-side ‘Understand’ is a moody cut with bulky drums and flashes of ragga vocals lead by a chunky square wave bass riff. The aggressive main bass does give way to a more rounded, sub focused sound but even that is backed up by an angry wobble. ‘Banzai’ leads you into a false sense of security with soaring pads and vocal chops before descending into a sub rattling bassline/high pitched lead combo with another foundation of expertly mixed drums. Both tracks are dancefloor destroyers; then again we didn’t expect anything less from Killjoy.

You can stream ‘Understand’ below and buy the full release here.

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