Talking about huge forthcoming collaborations, changes to the Brighton scene and getting into music production with Pavv ahead of his next EP [Interview]


Pavv is an artist who, for us, is synonymous with consistently sick releases balancing effortlessly between soulful UKG cuts and rave-ready Bassline bangers. ‘Falling’ is his first EP on local label and scene heavy hitters, Southpoint, since ‘That Talk’ back in May ’16 – a combination already proven to yield brilliant results. We caught up with Pavv to talk about the EP, future projects and more.

You first cropped up on our radar back in 2015 with huge EPs on Project Allout and U Wot Blud and since then you’ve been a go to name for high quality, ukg infused, bass heavy tracks. Was that always the sound you wanted to pursue?

Most definitely. UKG has been a massive influence throughout my years of production, with Grime, Dubstep, House and even hip hop in some ways. When I first got in to producing Bassline, everything just naturally sounded garage-y so I kept that sound throughout.

What was it that made you take up production and Djing?

When I left school I didn’t really have any type of career in my mind (like most kids) that I wanted to pursue. I used to MC for fun in my spare time and I’ve always loved music and been fascinated about how it was made, so I looked through a college course book and saw a Music Technology course and just thought why not!? When it came to Djing, the moment I started getting relatively good at producing I thought if I were to ever get booked to play a night, Id need to be able to DJ. So I bought a pair of 1210s as I was already collecting vinyl (addictive personality) and was taught by a good friend of mine.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and what would you say your biggest influences are?

Without sounding too pretentious, I draw inspiration from everything around me. Whether it be music from different cultures that I like or simply watching other artists work rate. That makes me want to work hard.

As a Brighton local, how has the scene changed from your point of view in the last few years?

I’ve been here five years. When I first got here the scene was ripe, mid-week raves were very common and the array of artists that played was crazy. Gradually the city has turned in to a very university focused city. Club goers are drawn out by free entry and drinks deals and not really for the music. But, that has been changing over the last year or so, there’s so many club nights promoting underground music and artists and the students are starting to get into the music rather than the nightlife alone.

You’re latest EP, ‘Falling’, is being put out by fellow Brighton stalwarts, Southpoint. You’ve worked with them a few times now, how did the relationship kick off?

I’ve known Jay (KXVU) for a good few years now just through being a Brighton regular, so when I heard he was starting a label I was very interested in getting involved. I originally approached Josh Gunston (Southpoint’s other co-founder) to enquire about a remix of a track they had just released. He pretty much sent me the parts the same day and then when we met properly we got talking and arranged for me to do a full EP, which was That Talk. Since all of that, I’ve become good friends with both of them and we are set to do many more things in the future!

Brighton really seems like a hotbed for talent recently – which 4 other artists are you tipping for big things?

Tengu, Zero, Freddie Martin & Hamdi. There are many more doing bits though, and  more than most are part of the Southpoint team!

Vocals seem to be a huge part of your productions, with Charli Brix and Duke featuring on your new EP- is there any plans get some more original vocals down in the future?

You will see alot more tracks with vocals from me next year, 100%. Bru-C and Dread MC are two that I can confirm but the others are still under wraps!

The whole ‘Falling’ EP really showcases your style of soulful instrumentation and gully drops – talk us through how the project came together?

After the first EP with Southpoint doing so well, we instantly had plans for another down the line. I wanted this EP to showcase all the styles of bass I enjoy to make, with all the influences I also enjoy. ‘Falling’ was inspired by old school bassline, big strings and synths with soulful vocals. ‘Pick up the Pace’ is a dark bass driven track so I thought I’d get some vocals to match that, and who better than Duke?! ‘Gully Face’ is just a straight rave banger, and the Hamdi Remix is mad! And ‘Scatter’ was inspired by my love for reggae stabs and ragga vocals.

What was your favourite track to make and why?

Most probably ‘Pick Up The Pace’. Lots of the sounds I used are different to my normal synths so it was more of a challenge to mix and get the levels right. Duke is one of my best friends outside of music so to create something that I loved and then have my good friend vocal it with pure fire is a blessing to say the least.

Hamdi’s remix of ‘Gully Face’ is absolutely massive! How did that come about?

Isn’t just?! The guy is on top form at the moment. Basically, KXVU hollered me asking who I wanted/who we both thought would do the tune justice, and Hamdi had recently had his first release on the label and it was huge so I asked KXVU to ask him and get it sorted. A few days later he sends a clip of pure madness to my inbox, and that was that.

If you could have one more producer on remix duties for the release who would you pick and why?

PVC (Purple Velvet Curtains). He is one my favourite producers, he has a skill like no other to take any sound, and use it in a way that you know its been made by him, one of the best signature sounds in the scene.

We’ve heard on the grapevine that you’ve got some collaborations on the way. Are you able to give us any info on them?

Yeah – Me & PVC have got something in the works that I’m very gassed about. Another one with PVC & DeadbeatUK. One with Tengu which is already sounding mad. A couple on the go with Killjoy and one with Wölfe. I’m also going to be putting out an old one with DJ Direct soon as well.

What else should we look out for from you after the release of ‘Falling’?

Loads more music of course, raves, a collaborative compilation album next year. I’ve also got a couple of projects started that are separate to Pavv but I wont go in to that now…

Finally – what’s your favourite pizza?

Tomato base. Buffalo mozzarella. Smoked pancetta. Prosciutto. Cherry tomatoes and Basil.

Pavv’s lates EP, ‘Falling’ is out on Southpoint on November 16th. You can stream previews of the EP below, and pre-order here.

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