Wölfe get dark on latest release ‘Temptation’


The Wölfe boys are back with a 2 track EP on Hot Cakes Bass

There’s a lot going on for UK Funky right now and it seems like a select crop of talent from the UKG camp are helping add fuel to the fire; we already knew Doctor Nick was on the Funky train but weren’t expecting this massive release from Sheffield dons, Wölfe.

‘Temptation’ is a devastating EP that doesn’t pull any punches; the title track is made up of stop-start Funky rhythms and balls out, rasping bass hits with a vocal that will be familiar to pretty much everyone but has been cleverly worked over and chopped to make it refreshing and catchy. We don’t like to pass up opportunities to talk about slick percussion programming, so we wont – it’s absolutely sublime, from the rolling bongos to the machine gun snares and stuttering laser effects.

‘Desire’ sees the Wölfe boys back in familiar territory of 2step, though it’s a stark contrast to their usual melodic, sunshine inspired Garage. The drums have a distinctly old school feel about them, as if trying to shake the dust off themselves as they shuffle around the rolling bassline with atmospheric pads lurking in the background. The vocal is both eery and teasing, panning from side to side whilst simultaneously filtering in and out.

We can see both tracks doing bits in sets for a long time, and it’s a release that further strengthens the UK Funky’s resurgence, especially the darker sound that’s been growing slowly.

You can stream both tracks from Wölfe – ‘Temptation EP’ below and buy it here.

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