SkinzMann feat KDOT – Air Max 90 (Burt Cope Remix) [Premiere]


Out today, check out Burt Cope’s take on ‘Air Max 90’

SkinzMann and KDOT’s ‘Air Max 90’ tear out Bassline anthem is out now on Titanium Audio and with a huge remix package to boot; Vital Techniques have gone with rapid, shuffling drums and chunky basslines whilst Palize has slowed things down a touch, opting for straighter 4×4 drums and wonky bass riffs. Fiyahman has mixed it up with a deep wobbler and Agro has lived up to his name with an angry drum and bass roller.

Burt has followed on from his debut EP on Project Allout in fine form, further channeling his unique palette of Bassline and UKG. Standing apart from the other remixes, he’s gone all out 2 step, without losing any of the Bassline energy from the original – perfect material for DJs of both genres.

You can stream Burt Cope’s remix of SkinzMann ft KDOT – ‘Air Max 90’ below, and purchase/stream the whole release here.

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