Tengu & Mofaux – Jinzo EP [Southpoint] [Review]


Tengu and Mofaux join forces again on the ‘Jinzo’ EP; 3 originals and 3 remixes of pounding drums and twisted, gully bass sounds that sit right at home on the ever-consistent Southpoint.

Tengu & Mofaux – Jinzo

For anyone who doesn’t know, Jinzo is apparently an “evil Duel Spirit who seeks to become a real person by taking the souls of those who summon him” from the world of ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’. Evil is one way to describe this track – after building tension in the intro with a mosquito-like synth and teases of the bass-line, the main drop itself is completely unforgiving. Tough 4×4 drums lay the foundation for an assortment of basses that are designed to take your head off. The only chance to catch your breath from the completely ruthless assault of screw-face worthy sounds is during the breakdown, where drum breaks fleetingly filter in and out again under the mosquito drone. With the second drop switching to 2step for 8 bars before flipping back into the full force of 4 to the floor, ‘Jinzo’ is given a new energy, and the bass line onslaught continues until the last seconds. This is not a track to be taken lightly by any means – Tengu and Mofaux have created a full on dance floor destroyer.

Tengu – Parasite (feat Duke)

Tengu take the reigns with the first solo track of the release and they team up with Brighton based MC, Duke. Intensity is high from the very beginning with Duke simply taking no prisoners as Tengu get sinister with the production. ‘Parasite’ is a barrage of bass weight, lead by a combination of the techno-esque, subby kick drum and a simple, but oh-so-effective chainsaw of a bass line. Duke’s delivery is venomous and matches the energy of the track perfectly; we’re just wondering how Tengu managed to find space in the mixdown for him.

Mofaux – Nike Airs (feat Razor)

If you thought the airy chords and stripped back percussion from the intro of ‘Nike Airs’ was a sign of things chilling out, you’d be sorely mistaken – this is the maddest track yet. Fire spitter and Southpoint regular Razor is back on mic duties, with the crisp delivery we’ve come to expect from him helping build the track up before each drop. It’s after those build ups things get mad, and we mean absolutely fucking bananas. The drums are everything you’d expect from Mofaux – heavy kicks, and scattershot snares rain down amongst various other crisply produced percussion – but it’s the metallic, rasping bass sound that is going to be causing the biggest reaction. Honestly, if the intro and breakdown were any busier, we feel ‘Nike Airs’ would be a bit too much but it’s the harsh contrast between the two sections that make this track a guaranteed pull up, every single time.

Tengu – Parasite (feat Duke) [Mofaux Remix]

Mofaux gives ‘Parasite’ the remix treatment, starting with chops of the ‘mosquito’ sound from the original under straight up 4×4 drums, with Duke’s vocals pushed right to the forefront. The track has been completely re-vibed, dropping into a stop-start, chunky bass riff that would slot right in to most of today’s Bassline sets. The various shuffling hats and skipping snares keep momentum up, along with the subtle second drop switch up and with the vocal getting room to breathe in comparison to Tengu’s original.

Mofaux – Nike Airs (feat Razor) [Tengu Remix]

Tengu pay back the favour, also opting for the 4×4 vibe. Channeling the aggressive tone of Razor’s voice, Tengu’s remix is menacing yet surprisingly catchy. The slowly panning riff during the intro is a wicked touch, and the main bass line itself is almost sing along material for the rave. The sounds themselves are haunting, with additional elongated basses almost groaning in the background. The octave switch before the breakdown adds an urgency to the track over the weighty sub. The second drops starts with a 2 step section before dropping back into the original 4×4 pattern, finishing off with energy on a high.

Tengu & Mofaux – Jinzo [Habouchi Remix]

There’s a reason why Habouchi is one of the top rated up and coming producers in the scene, and he gives a perfect example of why with this remix of the title track. Expertly building tension using elements of the original, Habouchi’s drums are punchy and we love the shuffle of the hats – especially the splashy open hi-hat. The bassline is teased in, as the track builds, before dropping into a wide, metallic earworm of a bass riff. The wideness of the bass really allows for the sub to power through, even when the sounds switch on the second section to something slightly denser. It’s the next section after that’s going to catch people out though – the track flips into a naughty, rhythmic helter-skelter, perfect for anyone who likes their tunes on the wonky side. There’s a brief breakdown to allow people to catch their thoughts, before everything runs through once more.

Selecta’s Favourite Track: Mofaux – Nike Airs (feat Razor)

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Simply put, Southpoint don’t release any music that isn’t original or inspired and this EP is both. Tengu and Mofaux are both in top form with each track being not only dance floor ready, but clever and interesting too. It’s clear that they know how each other work, and how to get the best from one another. The MC’s can’t be faulted either, both providing great vocals and Habouchi’s remix is going to be getting played for a long time. Everyone involved with the release has been forward thinking, and that can only mean good things for the scene. 

You can buy Tengu & Mofaux – ‘Jinzo’ EP here.

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