Murder He Wrote’s ‘Flavoured Vol 2’ is here


The London based producer comes through with yet more Summer tinged UK Funky

Cast your mind back to June earlier this year and you may remember a couple of weeks of blistering sunshine, blue skies and the feeling that here in the UK we might actually have a decent summer.  Soundtracking those weeks for us was Murder He Wrote’s ‘Flavoured Vol 1’, and in particular, ‘That Love’ – a feel good, UK Funky anthem made for days in the sun.

3 months on and it seems that good old British Summetime is over and done with. Murder He Wrote, however, has different plans – ‘Flavoured Vol 2’ is here and it’s full to the brim with vibes.

From the lush, old school house chords and soulful vocals of ‘Club Soda’ to the euphoric piano and 4×4 drums of ‘Smoke & Lasers’, the brass x steel drum x huge bassline combination on ‘Seed Riddim’, to ‘Never You”s samba whistles and sample chopping, Murder He Wrote has yet again come through with the goods and shown once more why he’s one of, if not the most consistent producers in UK Funky right now.

You can buy Murder He Wrote – ‘Flavoured Vol 2’ here, and stream it in full below.

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