Burnie – Black Mist EP [Tumble Audio] [Review]


The mighty Tumble Audio continue their mission to find and release ear catching music across the UK Bass spectrum, this time touching on UKG, UK Funky, Jungle and Grime.

Black Mist

From the moment the original version of the title track started, we knew Burnie had made something special. It opens with a lush, thick, pulsing pad that sounds particularly old school; a vibe that’s helped by the vinyl crackles ebbing away in the background. The pad plays one long note, being joined by shuffling snares and a weighty kick, then filtering out. It’s replaced by a pair of equally lush stabs and a beautiful, soulful vocal before abruptly dropping into a sub-heavy, 2step roller. With the vocal and pads dancing around each other, the simple but effective bassline anchors ‘Black Mist’, teaming up with the kick and the crisp sounding snares. The hi-hats sit nicely in the mix, panned appropriately and with healthy amounts of reverb. The breakdown could be mistaken for a classic house track being played too fast, with the chords coming back with rolling percussion. The second drop is just as sudden as the first, but swaps 2step for 4×4 on the second section as the pads swell and intensity is increased before everything is stripped back, leaving the vocal to wrap things up.

Black Mist (Lorenzo BITW Remix)

Rome’s Lorenzo BITW takes a UK Funky approach with his version of ‘Black Mist’, instantly latching on to select cuts of the vocal and the vibey chords, adding his own immaculate percussion and heavy sub. Things kick off with a punchy kick and pitched-down snares, before switching to the aforementioned vocal/chord combination with the bassline making fleeting, teasing appearances before dropping into the full thing. The bass sound itself is fairly straightforward, but keeps the warmth and weight of the original track as the snares rapidly switch between pitch, creating a frantic energy. Lorenzo BITW’s remix seems to constantly evolve as various combinations of the vocal, snare pitches and chord sounds work their way in and out of the track, with even the bassline getting a good dose of change, and there’s precious few moments to catch your breath, but overall it’s a track that would serve peak time dancefloors well and uses a good chunk of the original.

Black Mist (Boycott Remix)

Boycott starts his remix with spaced out, reverb heavy percussion and a smooth arpeggio set against the original sustained chord and vocals. Things quickly descend into dark, sinister territory as half time drums provide a foundation for long, brooding bass notes. The bass itself is subtly backed up by what sounds like brass, and the vocal has been pitched up, creating an air of anxiety and desperation in contrast to the original’s soulful vibe. In the second section the long bass notes are replaced with swift, distorted pops as hi-hats roll in the background. There’s a brief reprieve half way through, acting almost as a flash of light, but it’s not long before you’re re-submerged into the layers of reverb, wailing vocals and dense sub in the second drop. The use of space from Boycott is intelligent, with the reverbs used really helping to add to the dungeon-like vibes without sounding too wishy-washy, and though there’s contrasting sections, the whole track flows smoothly.

Black Mist (Nuvaman Remix)

If there’s one thing we know about Nuvaman, it’s that his ear for details is incredible, and his take on ‘Black Mist’ is no different. Like Boycott, he’s chosen to pitch the vocals right up, and he builds tension from the off using the original chords, gorgeous sounding percussion and some of the crispest, most clear sounding breaks we’ve heard in forever.  Stretching the vocal out, the track then drops with shots of a warm, well rounded sub bass and more impeccably good breaks. The real joy in this version of the track is the quick breakdown section – it’s pure melancholic euphoria, with almost a Burial vibe to it, and is the perfect amount of time to recover from the frenzied drums, which do eventually come back over the long, warm sub before things drop again with the same intensity as the first time round. With just enough time in the outro for some more of the chilled out vibes, we take our hat off to Nuvaman for this one – its a beaut.

Selecta’s Favourite Track – Black Mist (Original Mix)

Overall Rating: 8/10

Tumble Audio have managed to cover a huge variety of UK Bass music using 4 versions of one track, and each one is brilliant in it’s own way. Burnie’s original puts us in mind of ‘Bax/Done Me Wrong’ era Mosca, which could never be a bad thing, and it’s a perfect track to mark the soon-coming end of UK Summertime. Each remixer has brought their own unique twist to the original, and we’re sure every version will be successful on their appropriate dancefloors. Also we couldn’t finish the review without mentioning how fresh the artwork is, so out to Tumble Audio’s graphic designer. 

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