1Forty’s second free release has been announced


Following on from their debut release as a label, info about 1Forty’s second EP has been announced.

A couple of months ago, Leeds based events brand 1Forty made the big decision to start releasing music, starting off with 3 colour coded, free to download, compilation EPs. At the start of June, they kicked things off with their first ever release, featuring Grime tunes from 9TRANE, 20-4 x Drax and Hamdi.

As announced on the 31st July, the Bass EP (blue this time) is set to be the next instalment featuring some very exciting artists; Arridim, Albzzy and Frazah. The release is already gaining support from the likes of Mr Virgo, FooR and Shapes, being played on BBC Asian Network and at the main stage of NASS Festival.


With the final free release consisting of UKG and UK Funky set to be announced around the end of the year, it looks like 1Forty are taking their new role as a label as seriously as they take providing mad lineups for their events.

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1Forty launch brand new label to partner their events

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