Burnie – Black Mist EP [Tumble Audio] [Review]


The mighty Tumble Audio continue their mission to find and release ear catching music across the UK Bass spectrum, this time touching on UKG, UK Funky, Jungle and Grime.

Black Mist

From the moment the original version of the title track started, we knew Burnie had made something special. It opens with a lush, thick, pulsing pad that sounds particularly old school; a vibe that’s helped by the vinyl crackles ebbing away in the background. The pad plays one long note, being joined by shuffling snares and a weighty kick, then filtering out. It’s replaced by a pair of equally lush stabs and a beautiful, soulful vocal before abruptly dropping into a sub-heavy, 2step roller. With the vocal and pads dancing around each other, the simple but effective bassline anchors ‘Black Mist’, teaming up with the kick and the crisp sounding snares. The hi-hats sit nicely in the mix, panned appropriately and with healthy amounts of reverb. The breakdown could be mistaken for a classic house track being played too fast, with the chords coming back with rolling percussion. The second drop is just as sudden as the first, but swaps 2step for 4×4 on the second section as the pads swell and intensity is increased before everything is stripped back, leaving the vocal to wrap things up.

Black Mist (Lorenzo BITW Remix)

Rome’s Lorenzo BITW takes a UK Funky approach with his version of ‘Black Mist’, instantly latching on to select cuts of the vocal and the vibey chords, adding his own immaculate percussion and heavy sub. Things kick off with a punchy kick and pitched-down snares, before switching to the aforementioned vocal/chord combination with the bassline making fleeting, teasing appearances before dropping into the full thing. The bass sound itself is fairly straightforward, but keeps the warmth and weight of the original track as the snares rapidly switch between pitch, creating a frantic energy. Lorenzo BITW’s remix seems to constantly evolve as various combinations of the vocal, snare pitches and chord sounds work their way in and out of the track, with even the bassline getting a good dose of change, and there’s precious few moments to catch your breath, but overall it’s a track that would serve peak time dancefloors well and uses a good chunk of the original.

Black Mist (Boycott Remix)

Boycott starts his remix with spaced out, reverb heavy percussion and a smooth arpeggio set against the original sustained chord and vocals. Things quickly descend into dark, sinister territory as half time drums provide a foundation for long, brooding bass notes. The bass itself is subtly backed up by what sounds like brass, and the vocal has been pitched up, creating an air of anxiety and desperation in contrast to the original’s soulful vibe. In the second section the long bass notes are replaced with swift, distorted pops as hi-hats roll in the background. There’s a brief reprieve half way through, acting almost as a flash of light, but it’s not long before you’re re-submerged into the layers of reverb, wailing vocals and dense sub in the second drop. The use of space from Boycott is intelligent, with the reverbs used really helping to add to the dungeon-like vibes without sounding too wishy-washy, and though there’s contrasting sections, the whole track flows smoothly.

Black Mist (Nuvaman Remix)

If there’s one thing we know about Nuvaman, it’s that his ear for details is incredible, and his take on ‘Black Mist’ is no different. Like Boycott, he’s chosen to pitch the vocals right up, and he builds tension from the off using the original chords, gorgeous sounding percussion and some of the crispest, most clear sounding breaks we’ve heard in forever.  Stretching the vocal out, the track then drops with shots of a warm, well rounded sub bass and more impeccably good breaks. The real joy in this version of the track is the quick breakdown section – it’s pure melancholic euphoria, with almost a Burial vibe to it, and is the perfect amount of time to recover from the frenzied drums, which do eventually come back over the long, warm sub before things drop again with the same intensity as the first time round. With just enough time in the outro for some more of the chilled out vibes, we take our hat off to Nuvaman for this one – its a beaut.

Selecta’s Favourite Track – Black Mist (Original Mix)

Overall Rating: 8/10

Tumble Audio have managed to cover a huge variety of UK Bass music using 4 versions of one track, and each one is brilliant in it’s own way. Burnie’s original puts us in mind of ‘Bax/Done Me Wrong’ era Mosca, which could never be a bad thing, and it’s a perfect track to mark the soon-coming end of UK Summertime. Each remixer has brought their own unique twist to the original, and we’re sure every version will be successful on their appropriate dancefloors. Also we couldn’t finish the review without mentioning how fresh the artwork is, so out to Tumble Audio’s graphic designer. 

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Southpoint have dropped a brand new compilation


After reaching 5000 followers on Soundcloud, Southpoint have released ‘Interval – Vol. 4’

It’s been a huge couple of months since Southpoint’s last family affair, ‘Interval – Vol.3’.  Moony’s brilliant ‘Bullion’ EP and Triple S’ acclaimed debut album, ‘Pull Up’, have been high points since then, alongside launching their sister platform, Southpoint Introducing.

They’ve quickly become one of the most consistent labels in UK Bass music and Grime, and working with artists such as Bushbaby, Pav, Skepsis, SaidWho and the aforementioned Moony (as well as a seemingly never ending wealth of fresh talent) has only gone on to cement Southpoint’s status as one of the scene’s top brands.

Another indicator as to how much they’ve been smashing it recently is the Southpoint fanbase, and after hitting the 5000 follower milestone on Soundcloud, the Brighton based label has released a special edition in their ‘Interval’ series.

The 4th instalment in the series consists of 8 tracks from a selection of their high profile artists, who in Southpoint’s own words have ‘specially selected and reworked one of their favourite releases from the Southpoint archives’. PVC, KXVU, SaidWho, Hamdi and Daze Prism all feature, amongst others, and the whole thing is available to download for free.

You can stream ‘Interval – Vol. 4’ in full below and download it from Southpoint’s Soundcloud.

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DJ Mag x Garage Splash: NoFaking DJs, DJ Cartier, Mind of a Dragon, Smokey Bubblin’ B & Junior Buzz hosted by Loskiboy [Review]


Teaming up with DJ Mag for a livestream, Garage Splash put together a lineup of big names within UKG alongside their well respected residents – it would have been silly not to go to down to Work Bar and experience it all for free.

Garage nights in London generally consist of similar lineups of DJs from back in the genre’s heyday, playing music as old as the youngest people in the club. Garage Splash however have a different idea; they put on regular, free events with UKG’s current top dons, up and comers and the odd old school head on the lineup, drawing crowds of up to 2000 people.

On August 3rd, Garage Splash were invited to take over DJ Mag’s livestream setup at Work Bar in Angel, and co-founder Junior Buzz called in good friends (and residents) NoFaking DJs and Smokey Bubblin’ B as well as UKG don DJ Cartier and current king of garage, Mind of a Dragon, with Loskiboy and MC Uno on hosting duties for the night.

When we arrived and walked down the steps into the basement of Work Bar, our first thought was how busy it was already – the room wasn’t full yet, but to see so many people already there at 7pm on a Thursday night, for a night focused on new Garage and UK Bass music was very encouraging and highlighted straight away the support Garage Splash receive.


Kicking things off were NoFaking DJs and they weren’t messing about, creating instant vibes and setting pace for the rest of the night with tunes from the likes of TQD and Killjoy blended with grime acapellas and the occasional classic. It took 23 minutes for the first reload of the night –  GUNDAMN’s ‘Pulse Ü’ edit, with another highlight being El-B’s wobbly ‘Neighbourhood’ remix. Even a recurring emergency loop problem wasn’t enough to stress the NoFaking boys as they effortlessly traversed through garage to the broader UK Bass spectrum and back again, and by the time they handed the decks over to Cartier, the dancefloor was bubbling nicely.


“The best thing about Garage Splash is that there’s no restrictions; old or new UKG, it’s wicked vibes from start to finish. Big shouts to Junior Buzz and the gang”

– DJ Cartier

DJ Cartier opened with his name ringing through the speakers, before cutting and chopping his way across a selection of the biggest current UKG tracks. Like NoFaking before him, Cartier also explored a bit further than garage, bringing UK Funky and Bassline into the mix and also touching on Grime with one of the highlights of the set being a dub of Donae’O’s ‘Black’ switched into Nativ’s ‘Shifty’. As expected, Cartier was not only technically on point but his tune selection was brilliant and he had everyone inside eating out the palm of his hand; near enough every track that teased it’s way in was met with cheers, resulting in a fair few pull ups.


“It’s all vibes; new school or old school,  every DJ plays what they want. With Garage Splash there’s no drama.”

–  Mind of a Dragon

 Stepping up next was Mind of a Dragon who, in our opinion, played the best set of the night. Working between cuts from his new album, past productions and collaborations and forthcoming releases such as the glorious Lemonade, it was easy to see why he’s the top producer in Garage at the moment; every single track was weighted perfectly with kicks and subs, but with clever vocals and flourishes of keys and other instrumentation. It has been said before that producers who are at the top of their game don’t really cut it as DJs – that it’s a ‘one or the other’ trade off of skills – but thats not true of MOAD. The set felt like an experience, rather than a a string of tracks mixed together; an hour long glance into Mind of a Dragon as a producer and DJ with some proper goosebump-inducing moments, such as the beautiful ‘Untitled m8”s intro being played pretty much in full before being allowed to drop. It’s the first set we’ve seen where an artist plays 100% of their own productions, and it was incredible.


Smokey Bubblin’ B opened up with his huge track ‘License’, released on NM Recordings last year, before weaving through a selection of his own grime tinged productions (including his slick edit of Novelist’s ‘One Sec’), UKG classics and UK Funky, touching on broader UK Bass too with tracks like Tessela’s Hackney Parrot. Champion and MC Shantie’s ‘Running It Red’ got arguably the biggest reload of the night as Smokey kept the dancefloor full and energy high ahead of the last set.


Garage Splash co-founder Junior Buzz stepped up to the decks for the closing set, starting with TC4’s ‘Savage’ and proceeded to roll through new music from some of the UK’s most exciting up and comers, including new cuts from Arridim and Witchdoctor. A mash up of Royal T’s ‘I Know You Want Me’ with Ms Dynamites ‘What You Talking About’ got a huge reaction, and was rightfully pulled up. By the time it was over, it was clear that Junior Buzz leads from the front with Garage Splash’s music policy.

Overall, Garage Splash got their message heard loud and clear – they’re all about  championing as much new music as possible with a focus on UKG but ultimately the end goal is good vibes, from old school garage to Bassline.

It’s obvious talking to the artists who have worked with Garage Splash that they’re trying to build a family of resident DJs with the same attitude towards creating a vibe, whilst at the same time welcoming new talent to the scene.

DJ Redhot, who was there on the night, summed it up:

Garage Splash is introducing the younger crowd to what UKG is. I’d like to think UKG has gone a bit more ‘overground’ over the last 12 months and Garage Splash has helped by incorporating old and new music with a bias towards the new. If you’re talking about raves within London, Garage Splash is the best regular UKG rave right now’

You can watch the livestream from the night below:

Garage Splash will be taking place on the following dates:

01/09 – Record Label Launch – Lightbox

15/09 – Fire

13/10- Fire & Lightbox

26/10 – Garage Splash Live – Work Bar

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1Forty celebrate their 1st Birthday with a huge lineup


The Leeds based event-turned-label celebrate a busy first year with a Birmingham link up

At Selecta, we’ve been following 1Forty’s journey from pretty much the start, when they showed they meant business with their launch night – Cause & Affect, DJ Champion and Skepsis headlined.

Though 1Forty are still only technically 3 events deep, the attention to detail that goes into curating their lineups and their promotional efforts is evident, earning praise from Jamz – the former event run by Butterz co-founders Elijah & Skilliam.

Following on from 1Forty #3, which was headlined by Holy Goof, and looking to round off their 1st year with the same consistently high levels they’re known for, 1Forty have brought in Birmingham dons Slick Don, Swifta Beater and the mighty Preditah as headliners with Frazah, Ferguson, Buckfast Boys Club and LOCKT providing support on the night at Mint Club, Leeds.

We’re certain this is going to sell out quickly so make sure you get your ticket ASAP. You can buy tickets here and the Facebook Event is here.

Photography By Elliot Young www.eyphoto.co.uk

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Krudd have announced a UK tour

Krudd will be taking their event across 7 cities from September until the end of the year.

It’s been an unbelievably fast rise for Nottingham based events brand, Krudd who have gained a a huge, loyal fanbase from putting on nights with a load of the UK Bass scene’s top names and most promising up and comers.

Krudd have gone from their launch party with headliners Ussy, Mr Virgo and Darkzy, to taking over stages at Bassfest and Detonate Festival in less than a year, and when you look at their post-event videos it’s clear to see how popular they are.

Alongside their events, Krudd also launched their label back in April as head honcho Bru-C teamed up with talented producer Frazah on ‘Original Sound‘.

Now to mark their 1st Birthday, Krudd Events will be going on tour across the UK, starting on September 23rd in Lincoln and finishing up in Sheffield on December 16th. If their past lineups are anything to go by, every night of the tour is going to be huge. The full list of dates is below.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 12.03.23

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The Nadine & Friends livestream is now up to watch as you please


Good news for anyone who couldn’t lock in on August 1st.

If you missed our post the other week or weren’t on Facebook at the start of the month, you may not have known Nadine had put together a livestream with a group of artists set to feature on her next EP.

The Nadine & Friends livestream took place at The Bassment, Brighton, and was 4 hours of high energy UK Bass music and Bassline provided by some exciting up and coming talent.

The live stream was part of the buildup to Nadine’s ‘& Friends’ EP, forthcoming on Project Allout Records, and reached over 6,000 people, including scene stalwarts Four40 Records and Southpoint and fellow artists such as Shapes, Hybrid Theory and Tengu – not a bad group to have on your side.

You can watch the full 4 hour long video below,  and you can hear the first instalment of Nadine’s mix series, ‘Clangerz & Mash’ here.

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1Forty’s second free release has been announced


Following on from their debut release as a label, info about 1Forty’s second EP has been announced.

A couple of months ago, Leeds based events brand 1Forty made the big decision to start releasing music, starting off with 3 colour coded, free to download, compilation EPs. At the start of June, they kicked things off with their first ever release, featuring Grime tunes from 9TRANE, 20-4 x Drax and Hamdi.

As announced on the 31st July, the Bass EP (blue this time) is set to be the next instalment featuring some very exciting artists; Arridim, Albzzy and Frazah. The release is already gaining support from the likes of Mr Virgo, FooR and Shapes, being played on BBC Asian Network and at the main stage of NASS Festival.


With the final free release consisting of UKG and UK Funky set to be announced around the end of the year, it looks like 1Forty are taking their new role as a label as seriously as they take providing mad lineups for their events.

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1Forty launch brand new label to partner their events