Enter ‘On The Vibe’ – a brand new label specialising in vinyl releases for underground music


DJD has dropped the first release on his new, 100% vinyl, label, On The Vibe

For a man with so many aliases it’s hard to keep track of, as well as being the A&R for one of the most consistently brilliant labels for UKG in the last couple of years (NM Recordings), it’s difficult to imagine DJD has a lot of spare time.

Already having his fingers in so many musical pies doesn’t seem to be slowing D down at all though, as yesterday he announced the first release on his freshest creation; brand new, vinyl only label ‘On The Vibe’.

With intentions of putting out limited runs of the finest underground music, there’s only 200 numbered, hand stamped copies of the debut release ‘I Wanna / Only Hope’, produced by DJD himself. Not resting on his laurels, D already has 2 more releases for OTV pencilled in, both coming from one of his aliases, El Stray. OTV are also looking for demos for future releases.

‘I Wanna / Only Hope’ are a pair of 4×4 UKG tracks, drawing influence from the old school with bumpy drums, warm basses, lush chords and soulful vocals, and the release is now available to buy from Croydon’s DnR Vinyl, both in store and online.

You can listen to the previews of ‘I Wanna / Only Hope’ below:

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