Smokey Bubblin’ B’s ‘Turbo’ dropped today


The huge 8 bar UKG cut is out now on Smokey Bubblin’ B’s own imprint

When we first heard MCs Viper and Dappa going in hard over a grimey sounding, heavyweight two step tune a while back on Rinse we had to know two things – who was behind it and when it was coming out. Upon finding out it was a forthcoming Smokey Bubblin’ B cut, we’ve been waiting patiently.

Released today on Smokey’s ‘LPR’ across all digital stores, ‘Turbo’ is a minimalistic 8 bar UKG track that switches between a whispy, eerie lead and a devastatingly heavy bassline. The 2 sections trade blows over a weighty kick and reverb smothered claps, with varying hi hat patterns.

If the original wasn’t heavy enough for you, Mind of a Dragon has come through on remix duties. Taking a break from the summer vibes he’s been putting out recently, his remix consists of scattershot claps and eski style leads that switch into a gritty, glitching bassline.

You can buy Smokey Bubblin B – ‘Turbo’ (and the Mind of a Dragon remix) here. Check out Viper and Dappa going back to back over the original below.

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