Moony – Bullion EP [Southpoint] [Review]


UKG don Moony is in a rich vein of form right now, and has teamed up with hometown label Southpoint for his latest release, the ‘Bullion’ EP, featuring 5 brand new originals.


Right from the opening seconds of the title track, it’s easy to tell you’re listening to a Moony production. A catchy riff with a tinge of Asian influence leads the way with and is quickly joined by soulful, pitched vocal snippets and straightforward 4×4 drums. The first drop descends into long bass wobs that are heavy enough for a reaction in the rave but don’t overpower the tune and the vocal reappears alongside a reverb-heavy stab. Then we’re back into breakdown territory; Moony opens the vocal up a bit more here, extending what was an already catchy hook, and then heads in to the second drop. This time the bass wob has been layered with a higher pitched sound that wouldn’t be out of place on a modern Bassline track. It’s a very solid start to the EP, with Moony laying down his signature style early on.


‘Mutton’ opens with some seriously good shuffling two step, with snares and rim shots falling over each other into lush chords, before giving way to some of the smoothest sampling we’ve heard for ages. This builds to the drop, and the drums return with a bassline weaved in between the empty gaps. The bass sound itself takes turns switching between the more upfront sounds for the dance, and a well rounded, subtler sub. There’s a real warmth to the track as the vocal sample filters back in, which is a recurring theme, and there’s a few breakdowns and build ups, with fresh elements carefully added throughout. Some our favourites include the delicate work on the keys and the panning chime sweep. Overall ‘Mutton’ is a great modern take on the old school sound.

Moments In Dub

If there’s one thing we know about Moony, it’s that he clearly has a huge collection of gorgeous sounding stabs and keys. ‘Moments In Dub’ is another track that makes great use of this collection, as a Moony flicks between dreamy chords and and some seriously sexy key work underneath a sultry vocal. The main part of the track is not what we were expecting at all, and it’s a brilliant switch up. The bassline is wonky as it wonders up and down, and the drums remain fairly sparse, powered mostly by a weighty kick and clap combination. We really do enjoy the small details at Selecta, and the pitched tom rolls are an exquisite touch, making us think Moony had a lot of fun making this one.

Be Your Only

In our pre-release interview with Moony, he said that ‘Be Your Only’ was his favourite track on the release down to the musicality. Listening to it, it’s easy to understand where he’s coming from. It’s clear from the beginning that the old school vibes are strong, with classic organs rolling over 2step drums, accompanied by tasteful vocal and brass chops. The bass on the main section is deep and fairly understated, allowing for the vocals and instrumentation to cut through and take centre stage. The best part about ‘Be Your Only’  though, is the g funk style lead that occasionally freestyles over the top of everything. Collectively, this track is exactly how Moony explained it when we spoke to him: ‘It’s got that old school sound without sounding dated, it’s melodic without being cheesy and still bangs…’

Young Tony

‘Young Tony’ is the last original tune on the EP, and starts with some sick sampling of an old Soul song. The chopped samples ride a bumpy 2 step beat and are soon layered with silky piano work, before heading towards one of the classy drops that are so ingrained in Moony’s style of production. Everything has room to breathe as the bassline temporarily takes the lead, working around the shuffle of the drums and interjecting stabs. The breakdown is fairly short on ‘Young Tony’, just allowing for a quick refresh of the melodies the tune is based around. As a track, it serves as one final reminder of Moony’s ability to create classy cuts of UKG that work both as a piece of music, and as a tune for the rave.

Young Tony [Tengu Remix]

Tengu’s intense remix of ‘Young Tony’ initially borrows the riffs, stabs and piano from the original, backed by a seriously big sub before descending into bass heavy madness. Metallic screeches tear through as the focal point, riding 4×4 drums lead by a fierce kick. The original is never fully forgotten as Moony’s stabs act as a sort of ‘call & response’ to the bassline, and also as the transition into the breakdown. The second drop switches the sound completely, relying on a variety of new basses to get another reaction from the audience in the dance, but it doesn’t feel disjointed as the notes played are still the same. As a remix it’s exactly how you would want it to be; there’s enough of the original elements but used to create a different vibe and, as such, a different reaction. Perfect execution from from Tengu.

Selecta’s Favourite Track: Moments In Dub

Overall Rating: 9/10

There’s not many better UKG producers than Moony right now and he’s shown why yet again. Inventive sampling and genuine musical ability coupled with knowing what works in a club is a heavy combination, and one Moony applies to full effect. The whole release is a touch a class, and is a perfect example of how to reference the old school influences of a genre without relying on them, whilst simultaneously showing progression. Southpoint are brilliant content curators and it’s clear a lot of thought goes into sourcing their output, with this potentially being our favourite release from them so far. Moony and Southpoint have struck gold with ‘Bullion’. 

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WOB! Debut Event – Notion, Bassboy b2b J.G, DJ EJ & Nadine [Review]


As soon as the lineup was announced for WOB!’s debut event, we knew we had to get someone down there on the night. Amar Puaar paid a visit to Tunnel Club earlier this month to see how things panned out.

– Words & Photos by Amar Puaar

On July 8th, Birmingham welcomed a brand new, strictly bass night to the city – WOB! Bassline is something that has sporadically come and gone from the Midlands, but the core fans have stayed and judging by the crowd on the night, they were more open to its return than ever.

WOB! arranged for some of the biggest names in the scene to shake Tunnel Club and get everyone moving; old school legends DJ EJ and Bassboy joined some of the biggest current names in the scene – Nadine, Notion and J.G with OJE and WOB! resident Rhys Bowker in the Main Room. Room 2 housed local DJs Zach Hamp, Jade Marie B2B with Ash Turner, Tom Fire, D Moore and NXTMVMNT.

Housed in the newly refurbished Tunnel Club, Seedy Sonics resident OJE warmed up the main room with Rhys Bowker, making their way through Bassline and Bass House selections whilst the room filled. NXTMVMNT opened the second room seamlessly mixing everything from Bassline and Funky to Trap and House, almost filling the room with punters.


Seeing the first headliner, DJ EJ, play the music I used to hear at the back of the bus in Year 8 as an adult through wall to wall speakers was a bit of a surreal experience. EJ’s set was filled with classic Bassline from the EJucation series alongside the more commercial side of the bass scene. Highlights included Solo 45’s ‘Feed ‘Em to the Lions’ vocals over a medley of ‘Where Are U Now’ and Benga and Coki’s ‘Night’ getting a spin. If the steam from EJ’s head was anything to go by the room was well and truly warmed up.


Next up was Nadine. This was the first time I had seen her live, having only previously listened to her Get Darker set with Bru-C. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was blown away – both her track selection and mixing ability were excellent. Switching the second drop of Skepsis’ massively popular ‘Goes Like’ for Chris Lorenzo’s face melter ‘Nightmares’ surprised the crowd and earned a well-deserved reload. The rest of the set was bass heavy and fast paced making the room go mad to Skue-K’s new release ‘Criminals”, Holy Goof’s remix of “When I’m ‘Ere” and her own “Average Rudeboy” with Bru-C and Darkzy. Easily my favourite set of the night.


Next on was Bassboy – who was fresh off the plane from Ayia Napa and ready to bring the energy from the island back to Tunnel Club – going back to back with Sheffield royalty, J.G. This was the set I was most excited for. Being away from Sheffield for almost two years, I hadn’t seen J.G. bless the crowd with his endless supply of dubs for just as long. Together, they delivered a set that tore the roof off and even had Bassboy on top of the decks hyping the crowd. Bassboy and J.G. drew for a mix of tracks from their immense back catalogue and also played newer releases such as Bassboy’s ‘Definitely’ with Bru C on vocals and his ‘Babycakes’ remix which received an instant wheel-up. Whilst Bassboy and J.G. held down the main room WOB! competition winner Cargo provided a punchy set in Room 2.

Notion saw off the end of the night keeping the energy alive with Holy Goof’s remix of “It Ain’t Safe” and DJ Q’s remix of Swindle’s “Connecta” whilst Bassboy wasted no time in jumping into the crowd starting the mosh pit. Towards the end of Notion’s set, he switched up the pace and delved into faster Drum and Bass and Jump Up, pulling out screamer after screamer. Right up to the last track the crowd was packed and skanking hard so credit to Notion for that.


Walking out to sunlight made me want the night to last for another few hours but sadly it was over. WOB! hosted a night that put them firmly on the map as a Birmingham Bass event, bringing together some of the biggest DJs across the scene for their debut night. I can only imagine what WOB! has in store for the future…

See the full gallery from WOB!’s debut event here. If you’d like to book Amar to photograph your event, you can contact him here.

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Making grime, vocal chopping and the state of Brighton’s underground scene; a chat with Moony [Interview]


Hot on the heels of his ‘3 Days’ release on Vex Records, Brighton based producer Moony is continuing his sunshine tinged, UKG assault on dancefloors up and down the country with his forthcoming ‘Bullion’ EP on Southpoint. We spoke to Moony about the Brighton scene, production techniques and what’s coming next for him.

Easy Moony! So we first heard about you a fair few years ago after Aaron Hanson spun your Delilah remix on Rinse. How has your music career changed since the release of that track?

I’ve been doing music in some capacity for a decade now, so for me it’s been peaks and troughs. Some years have been manic, some have been relatively calm but I’ve always tried to maintain a presence and keep progressing; last year was really busy with bookings where as this year I’ve focused more on production and lining up releases. Basically as long as I can stay consistent and relevant I’m happy.

How has the underground music scene in Brighton changed over the last few years and how has it affected you? 

Brighton’s always been historically a Dubstep, D&B and, obviously, Hip Hop place so in terms of Garage, Grime and Bass music it’s 100% changed for the better. There was a time when I felt like I was the only person making Grime and Garage but now there’s loads of producers and DJs that are smashing it and I’m very pleased to be a part of that.

Do you think the UKG scene is healthy right now?

I think it is yeah but I guess it depends how you want to define it. That 1999-2001 sound that originally got me into UKG has obviously had its day but if you put stuff like Bassline, Funky etc under the UKG umbrella then I’d say it’s had a pretty respectable legacy and there’s definitely been a 2step revival in the last couple years. So yes, I’d say the scene is very healthy.

A lot of your tunes have a summery vibe to them. Is that something that comes naturally or is it intended? 

It’s not really intended, I’ve just always been naturally drawn to the more melodic side of things so I think that just comes through in whatever I make. In some cases I try to tone it down a bit but with Garage I feel like it’s a formula that works if done tastefully.

Talk us through the way Moony approaches and and makes a tune? 

I don’t really have a standard approach; sometimes I’ll come up with a melody on the keyboard, others I’ll just be working on a bass sound and go from there. Although more often than not I’ll start with a sample or vocal and that will dictate the general feel of the tune.

What’s the secret behind your vocal chopping?

 No big secret really, just pick a good vocal to start with – soulful vocals with lots of vibrato and variation work best as opposed to 2 or 3 note repetitive pop accapellas, and most importantly less is more.

Do you prefer making tunes or playing out?

I’ve been asked this a few times and I cant decide, I love both for different reasons. Making music is more of a necessity it’s just something I feel I need to do. The feeling of making something from nothing is very satisfying for me but then some of the best experiences of my life have been playing out so I could never pick one over the other.

If you weren’t making UKG, what kind of music do you think you’d be making? 

A few of my friends rap and mc but ain’t really into Garage so I still actually make the odd rap tune. I went through a long phase of just making grime so I’d do more of that sort of stuff I guess. And possibly experiment with more live instruments as well.

Who are 3 UKG artists you’ve been rating recently and why? 

  1. Mind of a Dragon – Because his drum programming is so on point. He proper channels that Steve Gurley, El B type of bumpy 2step in a way not a lot of people can.
  2.  Conducta – Even though he doesn’t make millions of tunes everything he makes is quality, keeping the old school sound but with modern production techniques.
  3. PVC – Though not strictly Garage in the traditional sense I think he has a very unique and interesting style.

There’s loads more that I haven’t mentioned but they know who they, I don’t play anything I don’t personally rate

Is there anyone you would collaborate with if you were given the chance? 

As far as our scene I’d collab with pretty much anyone –  I actually think that’s what’s great about this generation of UKG. There’s no real big egos and everyone works with each other. I’ve made tunes with people like Conducta, Flava D and Killjoy in the past  and they’ve all been well received tunes. I think the ravers/listeners really like artists collaborating as well.

How did your relationship with Southpoint first come about? 

I think they got in touch about me playing an event for them and it went from there. I’ve always been happy to do bits with them just because I really rate how they operate for an independent label/brand. They are very professional, the standard of music they put out is always high plus they’re decent lads so I was pleased when they asked me to do an EP with them.

Did you approach the Bullion EP as a dedicated project, or is it more a group of tracks you made separately with a similar vibe?

Definitely more the latter. I mean I knew I was going to do an EP for SouthPoint and when I made the lead track ‘Bullion’ and saw the reaction it got in clubs, I did think ‘Yeah, I’ll use it for the EP’. The rest were all made around the same time though so in terms of feel and sound there’s sort of a theme throughout.

What’s your favourite track off of the Bullion EP?

Mine’s actually ‘Be Your Only’. Bullion is the lead track and works great in the club but musically from a producers point of view ‘Be Your Only’ is my favourite. It’s got that old school sound without sounding dated, it’s melodic without being cheesy and still bangs in a club.

What’s coming next for you? 

More releases! I think my next one is an EP on Four40 which I’m looking forward to, the tracks are mastered and ready to go. I haven’t got hundreds of bookings lined up this summer so I’m just planning to get my head down, get in the studio and line up more releases.

Stream the title track and a showreel of Moony’s ‘Bullion’ EP, forthcoming on Southpoint, below.

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Marcus Nasty is taking his Rinse FM show on tour


To celebrate 10 years on Rinse, Marcus will be touring all over the country

It goes without saying; Marcus Nasty is one of the first names that come to mind when you think of who is pushing UK Bass music forward. Since the start of his career, Marcus has been either heavily involved in, or a big supporter of, Grime, UK Funky, UKG, Bass House and Bassline.

On his show over the past 5 years or so, Marcus has contributed to shaping current the sound of UK Bass music by giving up and coming producers across the Bass music spectrum airplay on his Rinse show and allowing dedicated guestmix sections. In the current format of his show, Marcus has 3 guest DJ’s every week – something we’ve not seen anyone do before.

Showing support through radio isn’t enough for Marcus though –  he’ll be taking The Marcus Nasty Show all over the UK, as he tours with a huge selection of MCs, vocalists, UK Bass brands, and most importantly, a massive amount of DJs. Venues already confirmed include Fabric, Motion, Lakota, Rainbow and Wolverhampton’s Starworks

“My show is now bigger than I could ever have imagined…I now want to take the platform I have created to events and other radio stations….I’m also focused on providing a platform for the next generation of talent”

-Marcus Nasty

Chris Lorenzo, Mr V, Tom Shorterz, Champion, Bushbaby, Skepsis, Murder He Wrote and Taiki Nulight will all be involved in the tour, as well as a selection of artists who have appeared on his show in the past – Nadine, A-Bee, Hypho and Pavv to name a few.

The #MarcusNastyShow Bass Tour will be kicking off this Friday (July 14th), and will feature an incredible lineup as Marcus is also celebrating his Birthday. Grime Originals, UK Funky Allstars and Bars With Carts will be taking over The Camden Assembly, with very special guest Oneman also playing. Check out the full lineup below and get your tickets here.


Also in celebration of Marcus’ Birthday is a massive lineup on his Rinse show this week, with 15+ DJs and MCs set to roll through and the show being livestreamed.


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Articulate Records launch with a huge EP from Daze Prism


3 years since their inception, Articulate are now a fully fledged label.

After starting out in 2014, Articulate Sound gradually built their name on being a platform for up and coming UKG and Bass artists to put out free music alongside running a guestmix series, with mixes from some of the scene’s quickest growing names; Arridim, Frazah, Cellardore, SaidWho and Clean Shirt are just some of the artists to contribute to Articulate’s ever growing library of original, fresh sounding Bass music.

On the 10th July 2017, however, Articulate made the big jump from free download platform to fully functioning label and marked the occasion with a 5 track EP from Daze Prism. Featuring 2 originals and 3 remixes, Daze Prism continues his hot streak after releasing on Punks Music, BRØKEN and Project Allout.

The originals on the release, ‘Tektonix’ & ‘Temptations’ are both incredibly dark tunes, with huge basslines riding clean, crisp breaks. ‘Tektonix’ features MC vocals straight from the rave, whereas ‘Temptations’ opts for a smooth, sultry female voice instead, contrasting against the raspy bassline.  Both tracks are produced brilliantly, with a good ear for detail and are further examples of Daze Prism’s ability.

Affiliate, Doctor Nick and Sammy Virji have been called in on remix duties, with Affiliate turning ‘Tektonix’ in to a weighty, UK Funky destroyer – chunky drums and grimey basslines carry the remix with just enough space left for pitched vocals and panpipes.

Doctor Nick also took on ‘Tektonix’, switching up on his usual summer fuelled UKG efforts and opting for heavy breaks and exquisite percussive rolls, anchored by long, brooding bass notes.

‘Temptations’ got the Sammy Virji treatment, starting with uplifting strings and the lead vocal before dropping into shuffling 2 step drums and a crunchy bassline – the second section has more of a Bassline influence akin to his signature style.

Daze Prism’s – ‘Tektonix’ EP is out now and can be purchased here. Listen to the release in full below:

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Nadine has curated her own livestream


Nadine & Friends will be taking over The Bassment at the start of August

After speaking to Nadine back in May, it was clear to us that she had no intention of slowing up her work rate, and since then she’s been gaining more momentum and support with every move she makes.

Nadine’s successful debut EP on Project Allout led to being booked to play in France, and since then she’s headlined a string of nights. Her next big step is Nadine & Friends.

Taking place on August 1st, at The Bassment in Brighton, Nadine will be streaming live alongside Cole, Deppz and Jaikea to mark her forthcoming EP -also called Nadine & Friends and dropping on Project Allout, the release features collabs with each of the other artists on the lineup.

Listen to Nadine’s recent guestmix for Birmingham based night WOB! below.

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Talking with Nadine about early support from idols…[Interview]

Enter ‘On The Vibe’ – a brand new label specialising in vinyl releases for underground music


DJD has dropped the first release on his new, 100% vinyl, label, On The Vibe

For a man with so many aliases it’s hard to keep track of, as well as being the A&R for one of the most consistently brilliant labels for UKG in the last couple of years (NM Recordings), it’s difficult to imagine DJD has a lot of spare time.

Already having his fingers in so many musical pies doesn’t seem to be slowing D down at all though, as yesterday he announced the first release on his freshest creation; brand new, vinyl only label ‘On The Vibe’.

With intentions of putting out limited runs of the finest underground music, there’s only 200 numbered, hand stamped copies of the debut release ‘I Wanna / Only Hope’, produced by DJD himself. Not resting on his laurels, D already has 2 more releases for OTV pencilled in, both coming from one of his aliases, El Stray. OTV are also looking for demos for future releases.

‘I Wanna / Only Hope’ are a pair of 4×4 UKG tracks, drawing influence from the old school with bumpy drums, warm basses, lush chords and soulful vocals, and the release is now available to buy from Croydon’s DnR Vinyl, both in store and online.

You can listen to the previews of ‘I Wanna / Only Hope’ below:

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