Vex Records bring the summer vibes with their latest release from Moony


Vex Records continue their UKG assault with a summer infused 3 track EP from Moony

Vex Records have been very consistent lately, both in terms of their release schedule and the quality of the music they’ve been putting out. Of course, the quality shouldn’t be a problem, with releases from the likes of Mind of a Dragon, Pavv and Joedan over the past 12 months.

Adding to their growing list of releases from new school UKG greats is their latest output; 3 injections of sunshine from Brighton’s Moony on the ‘3 Days’ EP.

The title track is all lush chords and sultry vocals, riffing against a sexy guitar sample, before the rumbling Reese in the build up on ‘Minutes Feel Like Days’, which eventually drops into shuffling drums smothered in dreamy chords, clever vocal cuts and some genuinely beautiful piano work. ‘Savage’ closes the release, and whilst it’s got a slightly rawer, rougher edge to it, it’s entirely in keeping with the rest of the EP; the catchy vocal is the highlight for us, working well as it fills the gaps left by crisp drums and the metallic bass.

The ‘3 Days’ EP is further evidence to us that Moony is one of the most original, capable producers in UKG, and shows his versatility after being released hot on the heels of his more club focused ‘Addiction EP‘, on Ghost House Records.

We’re looking forward to seeing what both Vex Records and Moony have coming next, as UKG seemingly grows stronger, week on week.

You can buy Moony – ‘3 Days’ EP, out now on Vex Records, here and stream the release below.

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