Mind of a Dragon and Smokey Bubblin’ B team up on ‘Mind Slip’

Six months since their last collaboration, SMOAD are back with ‘Mind Slip’

After last joining forces on the ‘Mess Around’ EP in October 2016, Mind of a Dragon and Smokey Bubblin B have returned with the release of ‘Mind Slip’; a classy slice of modern UKG also featuring a remix from Doctor Nick.

The original track is full to the brim with summer vibes, owing to bright chord stabs and swells, some beautiful work on the keys and a catchy vocal over shuffling 4×4 drums. A bumpier second section still manages to maintain the feeling of summer, as an elastic sounding bass stretches it’s legs under the chops of the vocal.

On the remix, Doctor Nick opts for 2 step drums and brings more soul by adding some keys of his own. A bulky, warm sub bubbles away under the vocal before a switch similar to the original. The second half of the remix is where Doctor Nick is most expressive though, with a jazzy key solo.

Both mixes have arrived just in time for the summer and are certain to be staples in sets and playlists all over the country. Stream SMOAD – ‘Mind Slip’ and the Doctor Nick remix in full below. You can purchase the release here.

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