19th May 2017; Massive compilations, legends returning and a huge new VIP

Friday 19th May ended up being one of the biggest days of the year for UK Bass and Garage so far, and is going to be hard to top.

The scene has been making big moves recently with a huge lineups being announced all over the place, producers on top form and label’s release schedules full to the brim. It seems like everyone involved with UK Bass music is pushing as hard as they can, and as a result, there’s a lot of exciting things happening at once.

This Friday just gone (19th May) turned out to be absolutely huge. Here’s why:

Pure Garage: Mixed By FooR


Everything FooR touches seems to turn to gold, and they don’t seem to be showing any sign of slowing up. After releasing the massive ‘Yosh Vol 2’ on their own imprint at the start of the year, they’ve now had the privilege of curating and mixing the latest Pure Garage compilation album. If it wasn’t big enough that FooR have become the first ‘new school’ artists to compile the release, they did everything they could to help promote the best fresh talent in the scene, meaning it’s the first modern day Pure Garage relying on brand new music instead of tracks that have already been rinsed to death. If this isn’t an exciting stride forward for UK Garage then we don’t know what is. Featuring tunes from DJ Q, Cellardore, Smokey Bubblin’ B, Moony, FooR themselves and a load more, you can buy Pure Garage: Mixed by FooR from all good retailers and stream it on Spotify and Apple Music.

F2: Vol 1


If one giant compilation of brand new music wasn’t enough for you, Formula Record’s sister label, F2, released their first yesterday too. All areas of UK Bass are covered, with music from Formula’s existing roster of talent and new producers getting involved too. Names on the release include Tuff Culture, Mind of a Dragon, JG, Fish, Distinkt, PVC and label head, Champion. Available to buy from iTunes, Juno and Beatport, and to stream via Spotify and Apple Music, this one’s got something for everyone.

Original Dodger ft Daecolm x P Money x Davinche – Millionaire

Yes, Mark Hill and Pete Devereux have finally decided they’ve had enough of 2 artists, who had little-to-no involvement with building their legacy as Artful Dodger, reaping the benefits and put together a new album, releasing the first single, ‘Millionaire’, on Friday. Now calling themselves Original Dodger, the music speaks for itself; with their signature catchy melodies and vocals coupled with rumbling basslines and chunky drums, we hope the rest of the album is as good as this. Just as importantly, we hope the new music leads to the imposter’s bookings drying up and Original Dodger make a successful comeback.

Nadine & Frazah – Motion [VIP]

 As if these 2 hadn’t been doing enough already, with Nadine booking in regular headline shows and Frazah teaming up with Bru-C for Crucast, they’ve treated everyone to this. They haven’t just VIP’d their collaboration ‘Motion’, they’ve turned it into a monster with an atmospheric, Flava D-esque intro and even aggier, bigger basslines and then decided to give it away for free! Madness.

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