Bassboy and Bru-C team up on ‘Definitely’

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 06.09.27

Birmingham based Bassboy has joined forces with the in-form Bru-C  for his newest tune.

Bru-C must be one of the busiest people in the scene right now. Not only has he just launched the record label partnering his hugely successful event, Krudd, he’s up and down the country hosting sets as well as firing out a consistent stream of music.

Following on from the UKG heater ‘Original Sound’, produced by Frazah, Bru-C has now teamed up with someone else who is currently enjoying a purple patch – BassBoy.

A run of huge bookings, including major festivals, is well deserved for Bassboy after his absolutely massive ‘BadBoy’ EP and the undeniably fresh TC4 collaboration, ‘Zola’. The producer doesn’t look like he’s planning on having a rest either; ‘Definitely’ is a monster of a tune.

The collaboration is set to be release by Crucast on May 19th and though there’s only a 1 minute 10 second music video clip on Facebook, it sounds like it’s going to do serious damage with on point bars from Bru-C and Bassboy’s signature ‘sweet-as-you-like’ intro dropping into bassline madness.

Check out the preview clip below:

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