Conducta and Deadbeat collaborate on ‘Hurt Me’


One of the UK scene’s biggest collaboration tracks is set to see the light of day.

At Selecta, when we first heard ‘Hurt Me’, dropped by Conducta in a GetDarker set that was so sick people were desperate for the tracklist, we had to know what it was and where we could get it.

By then, however, the track was already becoming old news for the producers and it looked as if we’d never be able to shell down a rave with ‘Hurt Me”s rumbling basslines and diva vocals. But, after being a much sought-after dub for 3 years, Conducta and Deadbeat have now announced ‘Hurt Me’ will be seeing a release. Finally.

Speaking to Complex, who premiered the track, Conducta admitted it was probably time for the collaboration to see the light of day, and whilst there is no information about an actual release date, there is still plenty of cause for excitement; not only will there be a limited run of ‘Hurt Me’ on vinyl, but Notion dropped the bomb yesterday that he has remixed the tune, which we are fully expecting to be as sick as the original.

You can listen to Conducta & Deadbeat – ‘Hurt Me’ in full, below:

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