Talking with Nadine about early support from idols, international bookings and what’s next after her debut EP [Interview]


Hailing from from Farnborough, Nadine first started making waves in the Reading Bass scene in 2014. It didn’t take long for her to start gaining the respect of her contemporaries, owing to her hard work and energetic style of mixing. Whilst helping to promote and playing a semi-consistent string of local events herself, she took the leap into production. Her first tracks gained support from Flava D and Marcus Nasty, with the latter obviously seeing Nadine’s potential early leading to a guest mix on his Rinse FM show. 2 years on from that guest mix, Nadine was on Rinse with Marcus again this week, and a lot has changed. We spoke to Nadine about her debut EP on Project Allout Records, headline shows and her first international booking.

Easy Nadine! What was it that first drew you to bass music, and bassline in particular?

I’ve been following the Bassline scene since 07/08, so I’ve always been interested but when I heard the new wave of Bass, it sparked something different. I feel it’s a more mature hybrid of Bassline; both sonically, and musically, it’s developed.

What came more naturally to you, production or DJing?

There’s lots of elements involved in producing, more than DJing I’d say; mixing, mastering and the actual composing of the tracks, so DJing was easier for me to progress with, once I had the basics.

You gained support from some big names in the scene on your early productions, did you feel like this put pressure on you moving forward?

Not really. All support means a lot, but to have artists I’ve rated for time on my side motivates me.

What’s your typical process for making a track?

Setting is everything – tidy environment, tidy mind. So before I begin the composition, I’ve got to be in the right place. For me, that’s in the dark, with a lamp/candles to create the ‘in the rave’ sort of vibe, but also, depending on my mental state, it can provide a relaxed vibe. A lot of producers can open their DAW and create melodies but I have to have structure, so I start on drums, from start to finish, work on the intro (chords/pad work), the build-up, drops with basses, and then the outro. FX come last, as the ‘polish’.

How long did it take you to make your Motions EP, from start to finish, and what were the biggest challenges?

The E.P was a nightmare, but fully worth it as the support has been overwhelming. I started the E.P about 9 months before the release date and changed a lot with ‘Crazy’ and ‘Me & You’ as I wasn’t happy with them. ‘Intoxicated’ was submitted 2 days before the deadline and took a few hours to make. As for the collab with Frazah (‘Motion’), that was started a month before the deadline and was never really supposed to on the EP, but when we started working on it, it HAD to be the forefront of the release. A lot of tracks didn’t make it, but I’ve been working on them and improving them to release in the future. There wasn’t any pressure as such, as it was my debut E.P so there wasn’t any expectations. I think the work flow itself was the toughest challenge.


Nadine – Motions [Review]

How do you feel ‘Motions’ has been received, and how has it affected your career?

The majority of my recent bookings have stemmed from ‘Motions’ – as before, I was looked at as a DJ because I never released any music.

A year or so ago there was talk of you releasing on Champion’s Formula Records. Is that still on the cards?

There’s no information on a release on Formula Records, but I speak to Champion every now and then, so it’s definitely something to aim towards…

You played your first international booking recently; tell us how that came about and what it was like?

Yes! When I received the e-mail I was shocked because this journey has gone further than expected. I just make music and play music in my bedroom! All bookings are valued, but to travel overseas is even more special, as it’s an indication that all my graft is slowly paying off. The French crowd was so receptive to U.K Bass music, and I was shocked people even knew about me. The hospitality is above and beyond over there too – the event manager will get all the DJs and crew together, do a venue tour and provide a meal and drink before soundcheck. That’s something I’ve never experienced in the U.K.

Now you’re getting headline sets, do you approach them differently?

Before I ever played as a headliner, I would just turn up and wing my sets. Nowadays, I’ll practice for an hour or so before. I don’t plan my them, as reading the crowd is where it’s at, but I always have an understanding of how to start my sets off. I’ve recently made an intro dub actually, so if you’ve seen me play over the last month you will have heard that! I also try to play a lot of dubs, and VIPs to keep my sets exiting!

What’s your best moment playing out so far?

The most memorable gig has been the one in France. But it’s always an honour to network with supporters after gigs, that’s always a highlight for me. I’ll always stop for a chat and picture

Finally, what can we expect next from Nadine?

I’ve got a lot in the pipeline. There’s releases, gigs and I’m also working with one of the best MCs in the game at the minute. It’s just finding the right moment to release music!

You can hear Nadine’s most recent guestmix for Marcus Nasty on Rinse FM below:

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