Southpoint launch sister platform for up and coming producers


In an effort to showcase smaller artists on the label as well as new talent, Southpoint are branching out.

As one of the most interesting and consistent labels within UK Bass music, it’s no surprise to us to hear that Southpoint receive a ton of submissions from hopeful artists looking for a place to call home. After all, who wouldn’t want to be on a label roster with Bushbaby, Pavv, KXVU, Moony, Tengu and many more UK heavy hitters? It must be a wonderful problem to have, and it seems the Brighton based label are making the most of it.

Launching Southpoint Introducing, the aims are simple and make perfect sense; to give the less frequent faces of Southpoint a chance against the label mainstays by working to two release schedules instead of one, meaning the releases aren’t rushed out. And, to gently introduce new artists to Southpoint fans in an attempt to keep things running smoothly, rather than new names seemingly appearing out of thin air on an ever growing label.

With the Southpoint branding and reach behind the releases, it should mean a wide audience for artists who may have been slept on and allows the label to release a steady stream of fresh music, keeping both the producers and fans happy.

Overall, it’s a big, positive move, and one we think more labels should think about approaching for the benefit of the scene.

Hear the first release on Southpoint Introducing below, and make sure to you don’t miss any new music by following them on Soundcloud.

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