Function 16 announce the lineup for their 30th event


The West Country rave has moved from Bath to Bristol as it celebrates their 30th night.

2 years and 30 parties into promoting bass music in the West of England, Function 16 are swapping Bath for Bristol and land for water. Tying in the landmark event with their move looks like a good idea and Function 16 have gone all out to make their next event their biggest yet, with a vibe-fuelled boat party on the 30th of July.

Garage legend EL-B headlines alongside Capo Lee with Majora, Dr Cryptic and headhonchos A-Bee and NoFile also on the lineup. With the boat party taking place between 6.30 and 10.30pm, there’s also an after party planned at The Doghouse for more music spanning the UK Bass spectrum.

Get your tickets for Function 16: Boat Party here, and keep up to date with all things Function 16 by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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1Forty launch brand new label to partner their events


One year and 3 huge events since starting, 1Forty are ready to start releasing music.

Following on from events with the likes of Oneman, Champion, Cause & Affect, Holy Goof and Slimzee, Leeds’ very own 1Forty are now launching a label.

Aiming to capture the same vibe as their massive nights, 1Forty are going to be releasing music across the spectrum of UK Bass music with colour coded artwork, starting with grime (red) and eventually following up with bass (blue), UKG and funky (orange).

The first release from 1Forty is set to be released on June 6th and will be a 3 track, free to download grime EP; Killa P and Badness have hooked 9TRANE up with a previously unreleased vocal for the huge ‘Compute Riddim’, 20-4 and Drax team up on ‘Square Root’ and Hamdi goes in with ‘Criminal’.


“I feel this is something that can progress into a unique platform pushing artists and genres from all areas of underground music. After performing with Killa at Outlook Festival I felt it was vital to use one of his vocals and I feel 1Forty is the perfect label for it”


There’s also a livestream planned on the date of release to celebrate the label launch, and we can expect another 2 free releases from 1Forty this year, as well as more of their heavyweight events.

Keep up to date with everything 1Forty by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Though there’s no events planned for the summer, check out the aftermovie from 1Forty #3 below:

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Behind The Scene: Birthday cakes, good vibes and taking over Leeds with 1Forty [Interview]

Mind of a Dragon and Smokey Bubblin’ B team up on ‘Mind Slip’

Six months since their last collaboration, SMOAD are back with ‘Mind Slip’

After last joining forces on the ‘Mess Around’ EP in October 2016, Mind of a Dragon and Smokey Bubblin B have returned with the release of ‘Mind Slip’; a classy slice of modern UKG also featuring a remix from Doctor Nick.

The original track is full to the brim with summer vibes, owing to bright chord stabs and swells, some beautiful work on the keys and a catchy vocal over shuffling 4×4 drums. A bumpier second section still manages to maintain the feeling of summer, as an elastic sounding bass stretches it’s legs under the chops of the vocal.

On the remix, Doctor Nick opts for 2 step drums and brings more soul by adding some keys of his own. A bulky, warm sub bubbles away under the vocal before a switch similar to the original. The second half of the remix is where Doctor Nick is most expressive though, with a jazzy key solo.

Both mixes have arrived just in time for the summer and are certain to be staples in sets and playlists all over the country. Stream SMOAD – ‘Mind Slip’ and the Doctor Nick remix in full below. You can purchase the release here.

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19th May 2017; Massive compilations, legends returning and a huge new VIP

Friday 19th May ended up being one of the biggest days of the year for UK Bass and Garage so far, and is going to be hard to top.

The scene has been making big moves recently with a huge lineups being announced all over the place, producers on top form and label’s release schedules full to the brim. It seems like everyone involved with UK Bass music is pushing as hard as they can, and as a result, there’s a lot of exciting things happening at once.

This Friday just gone (19th May) turned out to be absolutely huge. Here’s why:

Pure Garage: Mixed By FooR


Everything FooR touches seems to turn to gold, and they don’t seem to be showing any sign of slowing up. After releasing the massive ‘Yosh Vol 2’ on their own imprint at the start of the year, they’ve now had the privilege of curating and mixing the latest Pure Garage compilation album. If it wasn’t big enough that FooR have become the first ‘new school’ artists to compile the release, they did everything they could to help promote the best fresh talent in the scene, meaning it’s the first modern day Pure Garage relying on brand new music instead of tracks that have already been rinsed to death. If this isn’t an exciting stride forward for UK Garage then we don’t know what is. Featuring tunes from DJ Q, Cellardore, Smokey Bubblin’ B, Moony, FooR themselves and a load more, you can buy Pure Garage: Mixed by FooR from all good retailers and stream it on Spotify and Apple Music.

F2: Vol 1


If one giant compilation of brand new music wasn’t enough for you, Formula Record’s sister label, F2, released their first yesterday too. All areas of UK Bass are covered, with music from Formula’s existing roster of talent and new producers getting involved too. Names on the release include Tuff Culture, Mind of a Dragon, JG, Fish, Distinkt, PVC and label head, Champion. Available to buy from iTunes, Juno and Beatport, and to stream via Spotify and Apple Music, this one’s got something for everyone.

Original Dodger ft Daecolm x P Money x Davinche – Millionaire

Yes, Mark Hill and Pete Devereux have finally decided they’ve had enough of 2 artists, who had little-to-no involvement with building their legacy as Artful Dodger, reaping the benefits and put together a new album, releasing the first single, ‘Millionaire’, on Friday. Now calling themselves Original Dodger, the music speaks for itself; with their signature catchy melodies and vocals coupled with rumbling basslines and chunky drums, we hope the rest of the album is as good as this. Just as importantly, we hope the new music leads to the imposter’s bookings drying up and Original Dodger make a successful comeback.

Nadine & Frazah – Motion [VIP]

 As if these 2 hadn’t been doing enough already, with Nadine booking in regular headline shows and Frazah teaming up with Bru-C for Crucast, they’ve treated everyone to this. They haven’t just VIP’d their collaboration ‘Motion’, they’ve turned it into a monster with an atmospheric, Flava D-esque intro and even aggier, bigger basslines and then decided to give it away for free! Madness.

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Distro – Tectonic EP [877 Records] [Review]


It’s almost 2 years since SOBAD’s Distro was last seen on Brighton’s 877 Recordings, and it’s exciting to see 2 entirely uncompromising forces link up again on the ‘Tectonic’ EP.


The title track starts of in a sinister fashion with dread-filled chords and a filtering riff. As soon as the drums kick in, we instantly start feeling tribal; a feeling that is only helped by the pan flute-sounding main riff. Brass stabs add to the tension in the build up, as bass tones start to reveal themselves, before one of the tastiest pre-drop fills we’ve heard this year – massive reverse hits before a low cut break, accentuating just how heavy the sub on the drop is. The bass thumps away with the main kick drum, as the rest of the percussion finds space in the gaps. After a brief reprieve, Distro brings in a UK Funky section, working the bass harder, and using an alternative riff. Things smoothly wind down into a breadown before the second drop which is like the first drop on steroids, achieved by a new vocal sample and changing up the drum pattern slightly. Simple, but devastating. The UK Funky section then returns again before heading towards the outro. There’s a load of clever subtleties within Tectonic, from the reverbs and use of filtering, to the drum programming and balance between melodic and bass content. Our favourite however is the use of a vocal cut effectively as a hi hat, which upholds the human, tribal vibe to ‘Tectonic’. As far as EP openers go, this is epic.

Rap Money

The second track of the release really highlights Distro’s skills as a producer full stop. An incredibly convincing trap segment starts things off, which fully made us think something else entirely different to this EP had somehow started playing. The eery high pitched melodies sound sick against the weighty kicks, and Distro has got his hi hat triplets on lock. The vocal is simple but catchy and there is a twinge of UK Bass, as a high passed, metallic bass lurks in the background, before things suddenly switch into a more UK underground affair. The kicks quicken, and the trap snares become fills, losing their place to concise claps. The main drop consists of the metallic bass over the hefty sub, a helter skelter synth and vocal chops, with an incredibly satisfying ‘Ah’ sample. Seamlessly, we’re returned to the trap part, before everything runs through again. The drums do the bulk of the work on ‘Rap Money’, clearly defining the sections and show off Distro’s mixdown ability as key features of one portion become background percussion on the next, and vice versa. Is this the first every Trap x UK Funky tune? (we’d genuinely love to know, email us)

Bad Hood

The final track on the release is ‘Bad Hood’, which opens in a much more reserved manner than the previous two. As swelling pads sigh up and down and atmospheric noises echo and reverb in the background, we literally had no idea the direction the track would take, right up until the drums came in. Even then, the rolling military snares don’t give too much away with a soft riff and string stabs providing the only musicality. Quickly, everything drops out to be replaced by the huge kick drum/sub combo, stuttering chants, and flashes of metallic basses. The percussion is unbelievably crisp, with every single click and impact sounding gorgeous – so good that we had to pull it up just to appreciate it all again. The rolling, ‘clacking’ hi-hat is a beaut and the panned, 3 hit drum fill is an absolute joy. Vocals chop and change as sections progress, both adding and easing up on the energy where appropriate. After breaking down, the military snares return, but you can tell something is different this time; rather than fading away, they remain, as dropping for the second time, ‘Bad Hood’ becomes a 4 to the floor carnival banger, helped out by a brief but genius whistle addition. ‘Bad Hood’ is another perfect example of Distro’s versatility, fusing a heap of influences into a UK Bass monster.

Selecta’s favourite track: Bad Hood

Overall Rating – 9/10

Distro has always shown versatility in his music but his ‘Tectonic’ EP is genuinely something else. To be able to take so many influences and melt them down into 3 tracks is an immense effort, and is only complimented by the attention to detail shown in the production. Every single sound on all 3 tunes has a role and plays it perfectly; nothing has been used just to fill a gap. We can’t think of a label more suitable for ‘Tectonic’ either, as it maintains and even builds on standards set by label mates such as Squane and Hypho – big up 877 because their quality control is clearly on point, whilst still releasing diverse music. We can only hope now that there is plenty more music from Distro on the way. 

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Bassboy and Bru-C team up on ‘Definitely’

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 06.09.27

Birmingham based Bassboy has joined forces with the in-form Bru-C  for his newest tune.

Bru-C must be one of the busiest people in the scene right now. Not only has he just launched the record label partnering his hugely successful event, Krudd, he’s up and down the country hosting sets as well as firing out a consistent stream of music.

Following on from the UKG heater ‘Original Sound’, produced by Frazah, Bru-C has now teamed up with someone else who is currently enjoying a purple patch – BassBoy.

A run of huge bookings, including major festivals, is well deserved for Bassboy after his absolutely massive ‘BadBoy’ EP and the undeniably fresh TC4 collaboration, ‘Zola’. The producer doesn’t look like he’s planning on having a rest either; ‘Definitely’ is a monster of a tune.

The collaboration is set to be release by Crucast on May 19th and though there’s only a 1 minute 10 second music video clip on Facebook, it sounds like it’s going to do serious damage with on point bars from Bru-C and Bassboy’s signature ‘sweet-as-you-like’ intro dropping into bassline madness.

Check out the preview clip below:

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Roska Kicks & Snares and Lengoland to takeover Room 2 as fabric announces Summer lineups

London’s favourite club has come through with some seriously weighty lineups for Summer ’17

With their finger constantly on the pulse of underground music, it’s no real surprise to see fabric booking some of the most consistent collectives and quickest up and coming artists to step up to their decks, as the Farringdon club’s summer programming for 2017 has now been released and it makes good reading for London based UK Bass heads.

There’s two significant Room 2 takeovers; Roska Kicks & Snares and Lengoland. The RKS gang go first, when on June 23rd they’ve got Champion, Murder He Wrote, Majora, Pioneer, Distro and DJ Polo on the lineup as well as the head honcho, Roska himself.


Almost two months later, on August 11th, Lengoland will be taking their turn, and looking at the lineup it’s mad to see how far along what was once a small Facebook community has come. Jamie Duggan, Taiki Nulight, Ussy, Mr Virgo, Bushbaby, DJ EJ and Livsey will all be representing on a night where the likes of Toddla T, P Money, Zed Bias and  Conducta all take to Room 1.


With Flava D, Elijah & Skilliam, Sir Spyro, Preditah and Bassboy all scheduled in for the Summer at fabric too, it looks to us like London is finally starting to accept UK Bass music.

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