It’s been a good week for UK Garage


With 2 solid releases this week and another announced, UKG is looking strong right now.

As much as we love the UK Bass scene as a whole, anyone who has read one of our T5TotW would know that we get really excited about high quality, new Garage and the underground artists making it.  For there to be two fully sick releases out this week and one more announced straight after the release of TQD’s ‘ukg’, we couldn’t help but share the news.

EL-B – Running (Pavv & Mind of a Dragon Remixes) [Vex Records]

Not only is the original release from a UKG legend, Vex have come through on the remixes with 2 of the best producers from the new movement of garage AND both remixes are free downloads. Pavv takes the heavy approach, with a seriously sour bassline and a to-the-point 2 step shuffle. MOAD opts for a slightly more subtle, bumpy approach, with reverb laden pads and liberal use of the original vocal.

VA – Wölfe Presents [In:Flux Audio]

We’ve been waiting for this one since hearing ‘Swimming In Ting’ from the Wölfe boys themselves. It’s a brilliantly curated release featuring heavyweights such as Prizma, Cellardore, Doctors Nick and Cryptic, and GHSTGHSTGHST, with Arctic finally back on the buttons too. Each track oozes UKG vibes, with Wölfe’s own track guaranteed to be a smash.

Moony – Addiction EP [ Forthcoming Ghost House Records]

Has Moony ever released a bad track? We don’t think so. He carries on his rich form with the announcement of his Addiction EP, out next month on Spooky’s Ghost House Records. 4 tracks of pure fire, Moony’s got all the vibes you’d need covered; smooth (Addiction, Without You), bumpy (Far From You), and straight up banger (Who Really Cares). April 10th can’t come soon enough.

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T Q D – ukg [Review]

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