Listen to the previews for In:Flux Audio’s latest ‘…Presents…’ EP


Nearly a year on from the last instalment, In:Flux Audio continue with their ‘…Presents…’ series.

Eleven months ago, Pavv took over the Juno Download charts with his collaborative effort for the Yorkshire based In:Flux audio. Getting together a group of some of the biggest, bass-intensive producers, the release was quite rightly a hit.

Back to the present day, and the next instalment has been curated by Sheffield based UK Garage trio, Wölfe. Naturally, the lineup is more UKG focused with producers such as Doctor Nick, Cellardore, GHSTGHSTGHST and, obviously, the Wölfe boys themselves, though there is a fair share of bass heavy bangers too.

Prizma, Doctor Cryptic, J.G, and Arctic, amongst others, provide some seriously big tunes, and there’s even some 160bpm footwork vibes from American producer Kozee.

Checkout the full preview for ‘Wölfe Presents…’ below:

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