Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 18-24th Feb


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Mind of a Dragon – Karma

There seems to be no stopping MOAD as he puts up track after track on his Soundcloud. ‘Karma’ features a combination of both soulful and dubbed out dancehall vocals and a massive bassline that plays off against the stop-start of the drums. We can’t help but feel if anyone else made a tune with so many gaps between both the kick and bass playing, it would be dead. But then MOAD isn’t like any other producer; the momentum never dies and this is yet another quality track that shows his individuality.

2. Daze Prism – Fool [Forthcoming Wasted Recordings]

Daze Prism continues the soulful 2 step vibes with ‘Fool’, though it’s definitely not subtle. The snare is big and abrasive and the bassline follows that trend with a variety of metallic  sounds. The switch up in pitch for the vocal is a wicked touch, and the piano on the breakdowns is gorgeous with the 4×4 drum pattern coming in on the second drop adding more energy. Daze Prism is definitely up there with Tuff Culture when it comes to emotion-laden bangers.

3. Wölfe – Swimming In Ting [Forthcoming In:Flux Audio]

3 sick garage tunes in a row! ‘Swimming In Ting’ is Wölfe at their best. This one’s all about the sick juxtaposition; lush chords, piano stabs, breezy chimes and arpeggiated riffs build up to a big bad bassline. The drums shuffle about like nobodies business, and the vocal cuts are the icing on the cake. Perfect vibes for not only inside the rave but also for when the sun decides to show it’s face.

4. A.Selecta – Soundbwoy Dead [VIP]

A.Selecta flips his original ‘Soundbwoy Dead’ from a chunky 2 step banger into 4×4 bassline madness on the VIP. The tune is as straight forward as it gets, and that’s why we think it works so well. A big kick, skippy percussion and a fat bassline provide exactly whats needed to shut down the dance.

5. Kotei – AK

This is as dark! Kotei has come through with the grime-meets-dubstep vibes on ‘AK’, with a host of retro sounds, from the first 80’s era bass sound to the ‘eski’ stabs. We love the hi hat fills and the brass sound especially. This is a versatile tune too; definitely capable of getting a reaction on it’s own, but also perfect material for MC’s.

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