Articulate Sound continue their solid run of releases with new music from Tengu


Brighton based duo Tengu release a brand new original for free.

Articulate Sound and Tengu have both have very strong starts to the year; Articulate have released a steady stream of free to download, good quality music covering the entire spectrum of UK Bass music as well as announcing their second event, for which TC4 will be headlining.

Tengu have supported P Money, released their own preset pack and also had a tune on the wicked ‘Yosh Vol 2’ album from FooR.


‘FooR Presents: Yosh Vol 2’ Out Now

The two have combined on a new release titled ‘Ghostly’, available to stream and download for free on Articulate’s Soundcloud.

The track starts with a booming kick and eery vocals, before being joined by UKG-inspired shuffling drums and a teasing sub.

It doesn’t take long for ‘Ghostly’ to drop into a mix of detuned and crunchy basses. It’s a little disorientating at first, but it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the bassline’s intentions – to as big and abrasive as possible.

The second drop has slightly more energy thanks to the almost immediate addition of the hi hats and other percussion, which are liberally coated in reverb for the duration of the track.

Overall ‘Ghostly’ is a sinister stomper, with support from Fish, Foor, and Klient well deserved.

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