Shift K3Y and BB Diamond are working together on new material


The artists behind one of the biggest vocal Garage tracks in the last few years have just announced they’re back in the studio together.

With Shift K3Y’s immaculate production and BB Diamond’s silky voice, ‘Gone Missing’ was an absolute banger. Though it only just broke in to the UK’s Top 100, the collaboration between the 2 Londoners was an anthem for those in the know. BB’s vocal is gorgeous, there’s plenty of chance to sing along and the second drop switches up into a sick, heavier bassline and vocal chops galore, providing the goods for all UK Garage lovers.

3 months after the release of Shift K3Y’s latest EP, ‘NIT3 TALES, Pt. 2’, and following on from BB Diamond’s ‘Praying’ the pair have announced they are back working together on new material.

Judging by Shift K3Y’s excitement, they’ve obviously had success in making something to follow up ‘Gone Missing’, and with a bit of luck it won’t be long until the result is shared with their fans.

Until then, you can hear the previews for ‘NIT3 TALES, Pt. 2’ and ‘Praying’ below:

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