Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 4th -10th Feb


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Blackboxx – Estre [Forthcoming Slime Recordings]

Every track on Blackboxx’s latest release for Slime was a contender for featuring in T5TotW, but ‘Estre’ just edged it. Blackboxx combines plucked riffs akin to that of old school garage, stabs of bass that sounds much more modern and a stylishly chopped, sensual vocal. The drums are the toughest sounding element in the track, but aren’t overpowering either. ‘Estre’ is, quite simply, a 3 minute 7 second long slice of sexy Garage.

2. Swedger – Jungle Juice

If there’s one thingy Swedger does extremely well, it’s big, fuck off angry basslines. Combining elements of grime and jungle, ‘Jungle Juice’ is no different. Accompanying said bassline is a chopped vocal that carries most of the momentum for the first half of the track . In the second half of the tune, more energy is provided by some classic breaks. As well as the huge bassline is a couple of riffs, the steel drum being the most catchy in our opinion. This is a great track for injecting something a bit different into your sets.

3. Hybrid Theory Ft Trilla – VIP (Skepsis Remix) [Forthcoming Four40 Records]

Hybrid Theory couldn’t have got a bigger list of artists to remix ‘VIP’, their track ft Trilla. Skepsis has come through with a heavy, surprisingly catchy, metallic bassline backed by a huge sub. There’s a solid backbone to the tune thanks to the big, chunky drums (love the clap), and plenty of space for Trilla’s vocal to do it’s thing too. Guaranteed to go off everywhere it’s played, which is almost becoming a habit for Skepsis.

4. Shudan – Amaterasu [Forthcoming White Peach Records]

This tune is too sick and it reminds us of Flava D’s Wardubs; a consistent theme is carried right the way through the track, but is split into a load of different sections, each using different ideas. Listening to just the intro, you wouldn’t expect this to be a grime banger, but it soon drops into combination of massive drums and an almost brassy bassline that plays in a brilliant contrast against a simple yet contagious riff. The breakdown is stunning, and really highlights the Far Eastern influence, and the second drop really ramps things up. ‘Amaterasu’ is one of those tracks that just doesn’t get boring.

5. Poirer ft Fwonte – Pale Mal (Murder He Wrote Remix) [Forthcoming NICE UP! Records]

Murder He Wrote continues to smash it, this time showing his remix credentials, turning ‘Pale Mal’ into a catchy UK Funky banger. The vocal lends itself perfectly to Murder He Wrote’s style, and he takes full advantage, teaming it up with the chunky, shuffling drums that are quickly becoming his trademark and a big (yet simple) bassline. This one will be bringing the summer vibes to rave whilst we wait for the weather to warm up.

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