Southpoint release SaidWho’s debut solo EP


The Bristol based artist formerly known as James Mannion released his debut EP, featuring 3 brilliant originals.

Chances are, if you’ve been around the Bass scene long enough you’ll know of, or will have at least heard, a James Mannion track. Having released on Bear Fresh and Audiophile XXL, the Bristolian has now changed his name.

It’s not just a name change however. SaidWho’s music is leaps and bounds ahead of the releases under his former alias, with his ‘Banshee’ EP driving this home; every single track is a solid combination of mystery, deeper than deep bass and ingenious ideas, all brought together with unbelievably good production skills.

From the moment the Asian influenced intro on the title track gives way to the weighty kicks and massive drone, right the way through to the final (beautifully executed) percussive rolls on ‘Leaked’, SaidWho’s Banshee EP absolutely oozes class and displays an incredible ear for detail.

The release is definitely one for the deeper heads, with the sparsity of the productions really allowing the space for massive reverbs, echoes and atmospherics, and highlighting a brilliantly consistent palette of sounds; something we feel isn’t used as often as it should be.

There’s plenty of genuine musical content across the 3 tracks, from pads to plucked instruments, and the subs sound clean and ridiculously fat. The real talking point of the release though is the sheer quality and detailing in the percussion. Without a doubt, the kicks and snares sound good, but the percussion filling the gaps on every single original is exquisite.

As well as the 3 tracks from SaidWho, there’s a remix of ‘Chase and Run’ by Southpoint regular Mofaux. Though it is definitely more dancefloor-focused than the other tracks on the release, Mofaux has managed to produce something that doesn’t abandon the vibe of the EP, which is no easy task, opting for a more restrained sound than he would usually display to great effect.

With ‘Banshee’ as his debut solo EP, topping this will be incredibly difficult, though SaidWho has shown he is a more than capable producer. We’re excited to see what comes next from both him and the Southpoint crew.

You can stream SaidWho’s Banshee EP, in full, below:

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