Selecta caught up with DJ Spookz ahead of Mode FM’s 12 hour ‘Bass Marathon’ [Interview]


Last month a ‘Bass Marathon’ was announced to take place on Mode FM with the 12 hour takeover of the London radio station set to feature over 40 of Bass music’s biggest and best up and coming DJs. We spoke briefly with DJ Spookz, co-owner of Low Pitched Records and one of the organisers of the event, to understand how it all came together.


Easy Spookz. Firstly, what was it that made you want to do a takeover?

I wanted to showcase the full spectrum of the new “bass” sound and bring as many people who are responsible for creating and supporting it together on one set.

How did the whole idea come to fruition?

Mode FM do 12hr take overs for house, grime, dnb etc and I have a show on the station. Spekktrum (the other co-owner of Low Pitched Records) is part of the station too so we both thought ‘Why not do a Bass takeover?’ And here we are…

The line up is MASSIVE, were you always intending on it involving so many people?

Yeah, I tried to get as many people involved as I could to show the whole range of the sound.

If you could add one more DJ to the lineup who would it be?

There are loads more DJs I would have liked to be on this line up, but this is the first one and there will be more in the future!

What was the biggest challenge trying to organise it?

To be honest everyone involved has been really supportive so organising it has been smooth running. Nothing has been a challenge really.

Is there any special guests dropping in?

That I don’t know for sure, but you don’t know who will roll through on the day…

So finally just to clarify, there is going to be more Bass takeovers at some point?

Yeah, this is definitely just the start!

The Mode FM Bass Marathon takes place on Saturday 4th February, running from 4pm – 4am. Head to the Mode FM website to tune in, and be sure to let them know you’re locked.

You can see the full lineup for the Bass Marathon below, though keep an ear out for any special guests:


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