Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 28th Jan – 3rd Feb


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1.  Gilbino – Water Carrier [Forthcoming Lighterworks]

Starting off our Top 5 this week is Gilbino’s ‘Water Carrier’. An old school breaks-y tune, the drums are as tight and tuff sounding as you’d want them to be, with a massive sub doing the heavy work. Though the aggressive bassline is fairly simple, thanks to the sound switching a couple of times and some wicked fills the track progresses steadily. We also love the epic sci-fi sounding pad during the breakdowns.

2. Pelikann – Your Mum Won’t Let You Have A Myspace [In:Flux Audio]

Easily a contender for the best track name of the year and we’re only just in February. A childish taunt this track is not, however. There is so much at work here and all of it bangs. Grime-esque strings, epic brass, bitch slap claps and a lush sounding, raspy, high registering Reese all work alongside the womp that is the main bassline. The real touch of class that confirms that this could only be a Pelikann track though is that clicky percussion fill.

3. Arma – Favela [Forthcoming Artifice]

Arma teaming up with Artifice to release his latest track ‘Favela’ is a match made in artist/label heaven; 2 incredibly forward thinking entities working together. The track itself is one of our favourites of  2017 already. A 3 minute 38 intensive UK Funky work out, the main riff will be in your head for days – we love especially the blast of noise you can hear under it every time it’s played. The drums are ridiculously large and the sub is even bigger; the amount of times we reckon you’ll play it, it will definitely piss off your neighbours. Guaranteed to go off in every set it’s played in.

4.  Kachina (feat Afua) – Alright [Forthcoming Affectionate Grooves/NexGen Records]

The Kachina boys have done it again with another gorgeous Garage cut, with ‘Alright’ sounding like a mixture of both the old and new school. Afua’s silky vocals and the warm, crunchy piano stabs are our favourite parts of the track, but make no mistake – the shuffling drums and hefty (and surprisingly catchy) bassline will have you nodding your head in no time. Well worth the wait since their last release.

5. Killjoy – Moving Target [Formula Records]

Formula Record’s first release of the year is a large one, with Killjoy smashing all three tracks on his ‘Moving Target’ EP. The title track starts of with a dreamy pad and some very crisp percussion indeed. The dreamy-ness doesn’t last for long though, dropping into one of the sourest sounding basses we’ve heard in a very long time, coupled with a crazily big sub. The sections without the bass top are needed just to reset your face back to it’s natural position! We really enjoyed the amount of reverb used during the breakdown too, and the panning on that crash cymbal that comes in is a classy addition.

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