eatmybeat release ‘Bonus Snacks Vol 2’


After the successful release of Hypho’s ‘Gong Tau’ EP, London based collective eatmybeat release their second compilation.

It’s been 8 months since eatmybeat’s first ‘Bonus Snacks’ compilation, and since then they’ve been very busy.

With their own radio show on Loco Ldn,  consistent guestmixes on their Soundcloud, an event that is getting bigger with each party and, of course, now being a fully fledged label, we’re surprised they’ve managed to have time to put together a second instalment in their free download series, let alone one so big.

‘Bonus Snacks Vol 2′ is a 21 track release, with the music being provided by the emb guys’ favourite producers. There’s really something for everyone, spanning a whole host of genres, from thoughtful atmospheric pieces to full on Acid jams. However, what’s most notable to us is the amount of Bass music.

If you were a fan of Hypho’s ‘Gong Tau’ release on emb, then this compilation is for you. Intelligent, immaculately produced sub  work-outs make up the bulk of the release, with a real emphasis on the creation of space with clever panning, echoes and reverb. No two tracks sound the same though, with influences of UK Funky, Dubstep, Garage, Breaks, Trap and even Reggae all very apparent.

In all, it’s a slick a release, highlighting a whole host of different styles and shows that the eatmybeat gang are open to anything, as long as it fully commits to itself – in their terms, as long as its ‘strictly full fat’.

You can stream all 21 tracks from eatmybeat – ‘Bonus Snacks Vol 2’ below, and download it for free via the emb bandcamp page here.

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