Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 21st – 27th Jan


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Vital Techniques ft MC PEAN – Spin The Dubplate (Hypho Remix) [Second To None Music]

Hypho continues to turn out quality music, and this remix of ‘Spin The Dubplate’ is no different. Coming like slowed down Trap, mixed with UK bass flavours, MC Pean’s vocal has been pitched all the way down, and the brass from the original has been slowed. There’s a lot of power in the 808 kick, and snap in the snare, but as with most Hypho tunes, the real joy is in the smaller details- in this case the background percussion, atmospherics and reverbs.

2. Bass Adjustment – Unity In Diversity (Bad Habit Remix) [Forthcoming Cozy Lounge Records]

As soon as you see Bad Habit is on a track with vocals, you know it’s going to be top class. Starting with breezy, summery chords and the main vocal, the track quickly drops into a solid dose of 2 step. The drums shuffle along nicely, riding a huge wobbling bassline with vocal chops filling the empty spaces and a simple but slick sounding Marimba-sounding melody completes the ensemble.

3. Leda Stray – The Source [Forthcoming NM Recordings]

Leda Stray continues his UK Funky assault with an absolute monster of a track; ‘The Source’ is the weightiest tune we’ve heard for a while. Some genius sampling of Wiley, combined with some seriously huge basslines and chunky drums (including an incredibly satisfying ‘bitch slap’-esque clap) this will have you head nodding and bass facing at the same time.

4. Libra – Get Licked (Sirmo Remix) [WoNKed Bass]

Sirmo has given us everything we love in this remix. Big basslines, full sounding drums and clear, clever vocal cuts creating an equal amount of both heavy basses and actual musical content. We’re not entirely sure how Sirmo’s achieved making both the drums and bass SO large and then still manage to fit other elements around them, but he has , so hats off to him. A stomper of a track, with touches of class such as the silky vocals.

5. Barely Royal – Fire In The Dark (ft LØ) [Forthcoming Saucy Records]

Rounding off this week’s Top 5 is a change of vibe completely. A solo release from Barely Royal is a rare thing these days, but the sheer quality of ‘Fire In The Dark’ means the wait has been worth it. As we’ve said before, we can’t help but appreciate a well mixed Reese bass, and this track is anchored by one. LØ’s vocals sound so clear and concise and work well paired with the other vocal chops. The drums give the track a breaks-y vibe and sound crisp, sitting in the mix perfectly. This is a beautiful piece of music (there’s even a guitar solo!), and wouldn’t be out of place on radio. Knowing Saucy, there’s likely going to be some sick remixes too!

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