‘FooR Presents: Yosh Vol 2’ Out Now


The second instalment of FooR’s ‘Yosh’ is released today, featuring a ton of music and 3 mixes.

Here’s a solid end to the week: FooR’s second Yosh album is out today featuring a proverbial ton of music from a whole heap of artists.

The massive 55 track release features 52 individual tracks and a continuous DJ mix each from the mighty trio of Joshua, Shapes and Bitr8.

Other than FooR themselves, music on the album is supplied by a load of names in the bass scene: GHSTGHSTGHST, WavyD, Frazah, Wittyboy, Tengu, Bushbaby, Mofaux, Nina Wilde, Shaun Dean, Hybrid Theory, Thorn, Mikey B, Jay Faded are all contributors and that’s still not listing everybody.

Alongside the album release is a launch party at Birmingham’s Rainbow Venues, which you can buy tickets for here.

With this gargantuan release, FooR have stepped up the game already this year; there won’t be many albums released in 2017 of this quality or size.

Out today, you can buy FooR Presents: Yosh Vol 2 on all major digital stores.

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