Shaun Dean and Livsey team up on ‘Need 2 Know’


Two of bassline’s biggest talents collaborate and come up with something unsurprisingly absolutely massive. 

If you hadn’t heard by now, there’s a preview of a brand new tune up on Soundcloud that’s the result of a joint effort between bassline dons Shaun Dean and Livsey.

With arpeggios and airy pads on the intro, the main focus is a catchy pitched up vocal over a sick old school garage sounding bassline and strong 4×4 drums. Chainsaw-like synths cut across the main bass for variety, but don’t ruin the old school vibe.

The break down features lush key stabs and flashes of a g-funk style lead on top of the original arpeggiated riff, before dropping back into madness.

Though a release date hasn’t yet been made public, it does say in the description on Soundcloud that says ‘Need 2 Know’ will be ‘available soon’. Hopefully it’s not too long a wait!

Listen to ‘Need 2 Know’ below:

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