Is London finally ready to have a bass scene?


Last year saw the capital saturated with house and old school nights; will 2017 mark the rise of a new bass and garage scene in London?

If this month is anything to go by, underground bass and garage heads living in London might actually be in luck in 2017. With 3 of the remaining weekends of the month having nights with genuinely good lineups, can we finally look forward to the scene being represented in our capital city?

Tonight, Southbound take over XOYO with a very solid lineup indeed and garage, grime and bassline are all being represented. Following on from this, Roska’s RKS crew take UK Funky to Birthdays on the 13th and on the last weekend of the month, Facebook community-come-nationwide bass brand Lengoland are hosting their very own room at the now re-opened fabric. Also, with lineups to look forward to such as Flava D and Champion headlining The Nest in March, there’s potential for a much needed run of sick nights in the coming months.

London based Flava D doesn’t get to play locally too often

Obviously having big lineups like the aforementioned is important, but what matters just as much is people heading down and supporting both the artists and promoters. Hopefully, with the lineups on offer this month each event will be packed out and smaller promoters will be able to see that there are people in London that don’t only care about Tech House or hearing ‘Flowers’ mixed into ‘Moving Too Fast’.

As the capital city and the supposed hub of culture for the nation, it is strange that a field that has such a large, and rapidly growing, following is so badly underrepresented. It seems like the possibility of a UK bass scene within London is increasing though,  with plenty of artists and listeners alike being more vocal about their frustrations. That combined with the re-opening of the ever uncompromising fabric and the upcoming run of events could just be enough to get things going properly.

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