Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 31st Dec – 6th Jan


There’s been a lot of good music already but here’s our 5 favourites (in no particular order) from the first week of 2017.

1. Skelecta & Distinkt – Wait

We’re kicking this weeks Top 5 off with a mad one. With Skelecta and Distinkt working together, ‘Wait’ was always going to end up being filthy but this is next level. Starting with pads and a simple beat, on first listen you’d have no idea of what you’re about to be hit with. Tension builds and there’s an arpeggiated high pitched sound that puts us in mind of an old school horror film. The addition of the vocal pre-drop is a very nice touch, adding another layer to the track. Then the tune drops and jeeeeeeze – A combination of huge 4×4 drums and bubbling, womping and screeching basslines do the damage. This is gonna get pulled up everywhere.

2. Mick James & Mike Millrain – How Deep (Leda Stray Remix) [Forthcoming NM Recordings]

NM Recordings continue their rich vein of form with their latest EP from Mick James & Mike Millrain. Our favourite track on the EP is Leda Stray’s funky inspired take on the title track. The bright breezy original has been turned into a weighty peak time banger with some seriously slick drum programming and a hefty sub. The vocal has been chopped and a fresh riff has been added for more variation. Out of everything though, we really have to take our hats of to Leda Stray for the attention to detail on the percussion. Top class.

3. Nina Wilde – Less Is More (ft MC Blenda) (Lucent Remix) [Forthcoming Hot Cakes Bass]

This really is a combination of artists more than capable of making a banger. Lucent reworks Nina’s original, with huge kick drums and massive basslines. The drums have a wicked momentum about them with a constant hi hat ticking away and a heavy snare interjecting. Dropping into a crunchy, aggressive bass sound flexing alongside a shorter wob, MC Blenda’s vocal is chopped, begging the DJ to give him some more. There’s a sick moment before the second section where an old school break is used as a fill before it drops again and Blenda is let off his leash to spit over a the wobbing bass, which this time is much more prominent. After the breakdown, during which that little break is used again, the track drops into a serious switch up which is well worth waiting for. Big up Lucent on this one.

4. Mind Of A Dragon – U n Me [Forthcoming Soul Revolution Records]

How MOAD can maintain such a high work rate and high standards is a question we’d love to know the answer to. ‘U n Me’ is another track that is instantly recognisable as MOAD’s and it’s simply gorgeous. The crisp drums shuffle along with brief glimpses of lush pads and a beautiful pitched up vocal whilst a fat sub slithers in between the empty gaps. This is a proper head nodder, and had us thinking of the summer already! There’s not much else to say about ‘U n Me’ other than listen to it and enjoy the good vibes.

5. TC4 – Savage x MIK

TC4 are much like MOAD in that you can tell their tunes almost from the off. Though this version of Savage features the acapella from MIK’s Ice Rink Freestyle, we’re more focused on the instrumental and how sick it is. From the beginning the drums are next level skippy, scattered under a gorgeous, dreamy pad. Snapping back to reality on the drop, the bass contrasts the pad nicely and works in amongst the spaces left by the percussion, adding to how skippy the track feels. It says a lot about how good a production is when only drums, bass, staccato stabs and vocal one shots are playing and the track sounds full, but then we knew TC4 are wicked at their craft already.

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