KXVU announces debut album

After consistently releasing in 2016 the Southpoint label boss is set to release ‘Cub Inna Caribbean’ this month.

The Brighton based grime producer has been working away for the last 5 months on a project he has called ‘100% my strongest body of work’. With plenty of collaborations, many of which are familiar faces to fans of Southpoint, and KXVU’s signature sound, it’s lining up to be one of the labels biggest releases.

KXVU said:

“For me personally I’ve always liked building projects with themes on multiple levels. This is the longest I have ever spent on a project in both its planning and execution, so to see it all finished is really exciting for me. It’s also really exciting to have so many collaborations involved from the Southpoint family. Seeing how far we’ve come in a short space of time is the most pleasing thing about this whole project.”

Checkout the previews for KXVU – Cub Inna Caribbean (out 12/1/17) below:

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