2016: End of Year Release Roundup


For a lot of people (ourselves included) Christmas and New Year can be very busy and very messy. That can make keeping up to date with end-of-year releases difficult, which is why we’ve rounded up the ones we think you should know about.

Lengoland 5000 Members Free EP

Not everyone will know who Lengoland are, and that’s okay. You should definitely get to know though! Starting out as a Facebook group (now invite only), Lengoland have quickly formed their own community and with it their own competitions, T-shirts and most notably, their own events with mad lineups. Pre-empting the group reaching a mighty 5000 members, there was a competition to feature on a celebratory release and what a way to celebrate. Featuring sky high production standards and seriously heavy tunes, there’s music from J.G, Young H, Darkzy, Zero, Clean Shirt, WavyD and Habouchi.

Pavv – Don’t Say [Vex Records]

Pavv and Vex Records rounded the year off with the brilliant ‘Don’t Say’ EP. An all rounder, the title track is warm, soulful and sexy with lush chords, vocal chops and sleek subs. ‘Control’ is all high pitched vocals, womping subs and metallic bass sounds over shuffling 4×4 drums. ‘Fall Down’ is the perfect middle ground, combining 2 step beats, silky piano riffs, old school stabs and pitched vocals with aggy basses and a simply massive sub to good effect. The whole release is a must have, for garage heads in particular.

Southpoint Presents: Vol 4

After an unbelievable year, Southpoint have definitely cemented their status as UK underground stalwarts. Their 2016 release schedule was full to the brim with grime, garage and bass bangers produced by both established and up and coming talent. How could they possibly make their year any more impressive? How about a 30 (yeah, thats right, 30) track, free to download, compilation featuring madness from Moony, Bushbaby, Darkzy, KXVU, SaidWho, Daze Prism, Hamdi, Karl Vincent & Tee and so many more!

In:Flux Audio: Selection Box 2016

Yorkshire based In:Flux Audio treated the scene to a Boxing Day ‘Selection Box’, bass music style. With a wicked 2016 under their belt, the guys at In:Flux rounded up the talents of J69, Fiyahman, King Hydra, 1point5 and more for one last hoorah before the year was out. Featuring more filthy basslines than there is toffees left at the bottom of a tin of Quality Street, make sure you check out this release.

Thorn – Don’t Go Changing Remix EP [NM Recordings]

2016 was the year NM Recordings grabbed Garage by the scruff of the neck and gave it a firm boot up the arse. Starting by championing a group of close knit group of producers with the talent and creativity to give Garage a fresh lease of life, New Movement has started slowly opening it’s arms to welcome in artists from outside the original group, without compromising any of the creativity. To see the year out in style was a remix EP featuring the core of the originals (Cellardore, MOAD, Doctor Nick), and versions from newer faces on the label Bad Habit and She Peng. As expected, the release is a classy affair, with both club bangers and tracks perfect for chilling out both represented, and not a cheesy 00’s reference in sight.

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